Sony Electronics Delivers Firmware Updates for Image Authenticity

Sony Electronics delivers firmware updates

Sony Electronics has introduced firmware updates, including C2PA compliancy, as a next step to ensure the authenticity of images.

Sony has delivered its highly anticipated firmware updates for the Alpha 1 (Ver. 2.00), Alpha 7S III (Ver. 3.00), Alpha 7 IV (Ver. 3.00), and the Alpha 9 III (Ver.2.00).

The update contains some of Sony’s most impactful technology, including Camera Authenticity Solution, the proprietary in-camera digital signature and C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity) format support.

Together, these tools will make it possible for news agencies to ensure the authenticity of images, contributing to industry efforts to protect creators, and society from fake imagery.

Besides that, the firmware updates include many requested features to improve everyday use. The update evolves shooting functions and post-shooting workflow and brings advanced movie features like breathing compensation. It also includes new remote-control capabilities, new features for professional applications, and expanded access to cloud services applications.

The firmware updates include over 10 new features, as well as improvements to existing features, designed to improve the user’s overall shooting experience.