SPYR Joins SRAX Platform


SPYR, INC., a diversified technology company developing products leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for consumer use and large-scale applications and industries, is pleased to announce that it has joined the SRAX Premier Operating System for Publicly Traded Companies.

The benefits to SPYR from this arrangement extend from the fostering of the SPYR brand to potential investors to creating awareness of SPYR (www.spyr.com) and its GeoTraq (www.geotraq.com) products to other marketing channels across the entire USA.

SRAX Inc. is a NASDAQ company, which, by way of its sophisticated financial technology, unlocks valuable data and insightful nuances of the shareholder bases for publicly traded companies. With its premier investor intelligence and communications platform, Sequire, through which companies can carefully track their investors’ behaviours, trends, and patterns and use those insights to engage current and potential investors across a host of marketing channels.

SRAX has teamed up with Zoom to launch “Sequire Audience” which allows the company to provide its valuable service to its clients via a Virtual Events platform. Moreover, they have developed data technology that enables public companies to acquire, manage, and engage with shareholders. In addition, this technology provides access to quality investor education and leadership opportunities for the benefit of current and future shareholders.

SPYR is seeking to broaden its capital base by educating existing and potential shareholders within the investor community to encourage their participation in SPYR’s growth. This will be accomplished by introducing SPYR to potential institutional and retail investors via Sequire Investor Conferences for the purpose of establishing a global network of long-term investors. Complementary to this, SPYR will be hosting its own virtual events in order to create traction and interest for the GeoTraq asset-tracking devices and platform services. Along the way, SPYR investors will be kept up to date with current market trends and events.

SPYR CEO Tim Matula stated, “I believe this is an effective and sophisticated way to stay in touch with our current investors, as well as to generate the interest of future investors in the growing SPYR story.”