stc Group And Alibaba To Set Up Alibaba Cloud In Riyadh

stc Group announced the establishment of Alibaba Cloud in Riyadh,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for high-capacity cloud services in partnership with the Chinese technology giant, Alibaba Group, eWTP Arabia for Technical Innovation, the Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), and the Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE).

The establishment of the new company in Riyadh came in response to the significant increase in demand for cloud computing services and solutions in the region. The company will provide advanced cloud computing services to companies operating in the kingdom, ensuring that they employ the highest standards of security and protection.

The new company will support the local capabilities and enable it to enhance digital development and build an advanced ecosystem capable of meeting the future needs of the kingdom. Alibaba will offer a wide range of cloud computing services and solutions, a step that will enable local companies and institutions to digitise their businesses, employ the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, raise work standards and enhance businesses.

In line with the kingdom’s efforts to enhance economic diversification and stimulate investment opportunities in the cloud computing sector, the new company will provide jobs, transfer knowledge and expertise to the Kingdom, and ensure a safe work environment for entrepreneurs in the region.

stc’s investment with Alibaba for cloud computing services in cloud computing solutions in Riyadh reflects the company’s future vision and its great role in pushing digital transformation efforts in the kingdom, and its commitment to forging strong partnerships with leading technology companies around the world in line with the kingdom’s 2030 vision to attract foreign and international investments into the kingdom, creating a secure environment for entrepreneurs, and enhancing information security by protecting data internally in the Kingdom.

The establishment of the company specialised in cloud computing services and solutions in Saudi Arabia will contribute to developing the kingdom’s digital infrastructure and preparing it to provide the latest digital data storage services and solutions and ensure its protection and security, which will enhance the hingdom’s ability to provide cloud computing services to global companies.