Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Unifies Multi-Site Deployments For Centralised Management And Visibility


Platform Introduces Central Management Functionality Under One Interface

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR – the intelligent, next-gen security operations platform – introduces the centralised management and visibility functionality in its Open XDR platform today. This new capability, named Stellar Cyber Central, accompanies Stellar Cyber’s Command Centre and enables users to see potential threats and consolidate user management at multiple sites from one single console under a single license, and without having to log into those sites individually – reducing complexity, improving performance, segmenting data to comply with GDPR or other privacy requirements, and reducing the time it takes to identify security incidents.

In many cases, such as meeting regulatory requirements, meeting customers’ requirements, or simply meeting performance/scalability requirements, enterprises and MSSPs must manage their security infrastructure at multiple locations, so they deploy a Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform at each location holding the data locally. The challenge is gaining visibility into security and managing users at each location – without logging into each site’s Open XDR platform to see activity, analysts aren’t aware of local threats.

By unifying multiple local deployments under its award-winning interface, Stellar Cyber now eliminates the need to make individual site logins to gain alert visibility. With a single sign-on, analysts can have full access to each site locally. In addition, the new capability was carefully designed not to receive any privacy-related data from the local deployments to the central location.

  • For enterprises, Open XDR enables local deployment for each of their data centres or offices in different geographic locations while managing all these deployments from a central location. This can significantly improve the performance, scalability and availability of the overall deployment while preserving the data locality and privacy at each location.
  • For MSSPs with co-managed local deployments, Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR now makes it easier to see activity at each customer location as well as at their own location, a unique differentiation for them.

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“The whole idea of security analytics is control over where the analytics come from and where they go”, said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “Unifying multi-site Open XDR deployment under one interface improves visibility and control, which in turn improves overall threat management.”

Stellar Cyber’s multi-site DP management functionality scales to support any number of sites and is available now with the 3.12.0 release.

“Consolidation and simplification are two guiding themes in our product development at Stellar Cyber”, said Sam Jones, VP of product management at Stellar Cyber. “Stellar Cyber Central is just the latest capability that brings information together and simplifies the analysts’ job.”