Striim Partners With Google Cloud To Ease Data Streaming


Striim says its platform lets users reach data wherever and whenever it needs to be analysed, without dealing with complicated database migration processes

Striim announced Striim Cloud on Google Cloud to ease real-time data streaming for customers of Google’s cloud and released the latest version of its platform: 4.1. The new version offers users tools to help with their streaming use cases, management tasks, and configurations to increase team collaboration with automation.

The Google tie-up aligns with Striim’s goal of accelerating growth in streaming data integration and providing ways for customers to make the database migration from on-prem to cloud easy. Now, with Striim, users can migrate their database and workflows to the cloud with the help of Striim’s StreamShift migration service and host their data and operations on Google Cloud. In doing so, Striim says, those customers can meet their compliance requirements while reducing cost and increasing scalability and flexibility. Striim Cloud on Google Cloud is available for all Striim customers, and it allows users from a range of backgrounds to participate in real-time data integration and streaming workflows with the help of Striim’s UI, which the company says is fully automated and intuitive.

“Data teams struggle to manage data and infrastructure across different systems that span on-premises to multiple clouds. They want to unify their data and build a real-time source of truth without adding yet another puzzle piece to the infrastructure they need to manage. Striim Cloud Enterprise on Google Cloud enables customers to do just that,” said Alok Pareek, Executive Vice President, Products, Striim.

The new capabilities allow Striim users to achieve a multi-cloud solution that includes Google Cloud while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) in managing multiple systems. Striim says its platform lets users reach data wherever and whenever it needs to be analysed – without dealing with complicated database migration processes. Striim’s database- and location-agnostic architecture allows data movement between the supported source and target database via automatic data transformation. Fully managed features, such as auto-scale, auto-upgrades, cross-regional disaster recovery, data backups, single sign-on, role-based access control (RBAC), and multi-factor authentication (MFA), are part of the platform as well.

With Striim’s latest 4.1 version, which released new change data capture (CDC) adapters for faster data reading, users can read data from multiple sources and write them to support a Google target service or endpoint. This lets users process, analyse and store data on GCP while using a single, fully-managed SaaS platform. Striim says users can gain flexibility while reducing costs by taking advantage of real-time processing. Striim Cloud on Google Cloud offers a fully-managed solution for real-time streaming that allows enterprises to focus on an important goal: activating impactful business decisions in real-time.