Tencent Cloud Wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Award in Global Cloud Industry

Tencent Cloud Wins Frost and Sullivan's 2020 Best Practice Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Global Cloud Industry

Tencent Cloud announced that it received the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the Global Cloud Industry, recognising the business’s outstanding performance in the global cloud space and highlighting its top-notch security standard and services.

Judged based on three key strategic imperatives identified by Frost & Sullivan—new business models, competitive intensity and disruptive technologies—Tencent Cloud achieved the award through a set of criteria that includes “strategy innovation” and “customer impact,” having successfully driven innovation and growth.

Winning Formula of Tencent Cloud

Respondents of the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud User Survey indicated that improving business process efficiency and quality, customer experience and employee productivity are their top strategic business goals. To support companies in achieving these goals, Tencent Cloud has presented multiple initiatives as cited by Frost & Sullivan, including the launch of VooV Meeting, Global Office Access (GOA) and the establishment of 300 edge computing centers, among others. It also helps businesses maintain profitability as well as keeping their customers and employees engaged.

Furthermore, respondents also highlighted that cloud security remains a top concern for businesses. Tencent Cloud’s comprehensive and accessible security inspection and protection services include 2020 achievements of Tier 3 of the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS), an important international security standard launched in Singapore; a key cloud security standard in Germany such as German C5:2020; as well as its compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Survey respondents said they also chose Tencent Cloud for its easy-to-use developer tools and platform, availability of dedicated cloud options, and high levels of desk support at low or no charge. Amid its consistent growth in the cloud industry, Tencent’s enormous ecosystem and strong brand presence continue to be a competitive edge that offers thriving business opportunities for its clients.

“Tencent Cloud aims to fully meet the growing demand for digital transformation among businesses in order to improve their efficiency and thrive during these challenging times amid the pandemic, stated Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International. “We are thrilled to receive the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the Global Cloud industry, which is a strong testimony to Tencent Cloud’s achievements in facilitating digital upgrades of businesses and industries around the globe. Our solid capability built in various sectors have ensured our rapid growth and is helping our aspiration to be the best cloud service provider. Indeed, 2021 will be a stronger year for Tencent Cloud to take its cloud services to the next level by leveraging our competitive strength and innovative one-stop solutions.”

Frost & Sullivan is world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, mega trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success. The mission of Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards is to recognise people and organisations that have accomplished an innovative or disruptive breakthrough. The recent award from Frost & Sullivan is an addition to the growing list of global accomplishments by Tencent Cloud, which currently has a global infrastructure footprint of 27 regions as well as 60 availability zones.

According to Lynda Stadtmueller, Research Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, “Although relatively new to the cloud market, Tencent Cloud has become one of the fastest-growing players to penetrate the global industry. With innovation solutions, infrastructure and expansion investments, Tencent Cloud has the potential to really shake up competition in the Chinese and global cloud markets. We look forward to seeing Tencent Cloud hugely transform and evolve the competitive landscape in the global cloud market’s IaaS and PaaS sectors.”