Trend Micro Launches Security Platform To Reinforce The Digital Strides


Trend Micro One delivers powerful risk assessment capabilities and the ecosystem partners extend that to make it one of the most complete solutions

Trend Micro announced the launch of Trend Micro One, a unified cybersecurity platform with a growing list of ecosystem technology partners that enables customers to understand better, communicate, and lower cyber risks. The unified security platform approach delivers a continuous risk and threat assessment cycle with attack surface discovery, cyber risk analysis, and threat mitigation and response.

“Enterprises across the MEA region have undergone a transformational shift due to the accelerated digital transformation in the last few months. The recent changes have also presented a more complex threat environment for organisations to navigate through. With the continued migration to the cloud and the emergence of hybrid cloud operations, bad actors are growing more sophisticated in their attacks, and we are confident that Trend Micro One is the perfect shield to counter them. This next-generation solution, which combines numerous sources of asset and risk visibility, will assist regional firms in achieving the strongest security posture while accelerating their digital journey, resulting in a safer digital environment to do business and thrive,” said Dr Moataz Bin Ali, Area Vice President and Managing Director, MEA, Trend Micro.

As a unified platform, Trend Micro One delivers powerful risk assessment capabilities, but the ecosystem partners extend that to make it one of the most complete in industry.

Trend Micro One supports this approach by enabling customers to:

  • Discover the attack surface: Identify, monitor, and profile cyber assets in customers’ environments.
  • Understand and continuously assess risk: Analyze risk exposure, the status of vulnerabilities, the configuration of security controls, and types of threat activity.
  • Effectively mitigate risk: Ensure the right preventative controls and take swift action to mitigate risk and remediate attacks across the enterprise by leveraging Trend Micro’s threat and risk intelligence.

Aiming to create more significant impact, the new Trend Micro One can be a necessary tool to battle the current and future challenges of the evolving threat landscape, as highlighted in the latest Trend Micro 2021 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Navigating New Frontiers. In the MENA region, industry-leading solutions have detected and blocked over 436 million (436,085,099) email threats, more than 20.5 million (20,572,364) malware attacks, and over 80 million (80,191,815) URL victims’ attacks. Furthermore, shielding remote learning and working, Smart Home Network (SHN) solutions protected devices and networks from nearly 18 million (17,976,951) SHN inbound and outbound attacks and prevented over 33 million (33,524,876) SHN events.