Truly Secure Equips UAE Businesses With Advanced Security Solutions

UAE-based Truly Secure, the next-generation IT service provider for digital transformation, has set on a mission to increase efficiency and security amongst small businesses and large enterprises with its managed services and IT Solutions.

The Middle East is widely known for hosting the largest regional and global tech events, which recur annually, providing a growing hub for entrepreneurs to showcase their forward thinking business solutions. While the positive technological advancements are favourable, the risks associated with new technologies lead to potential security breaches, malfunctions, and operational issues.

According to Truly Secure, a staggering 58 per cent of breaches occur within small businesses due to the lack of security implementation or management services, as a result of budget restraints. Whilst large businesses may have access to finance, management may not correctly implement security measures to address the business infrastructure and capacity, which too, may lead to a breach in confidential information.

In line with the UAE’s ambitious goals of ensuring technology is continuously progressing, Truly Secure offers strategy, data centre, cloud services, cybersecurity, and develops to build modern workplaces, ensuring companies are provided with the optimal technological solutions. This will further enhance the country’s goal, as recently seen with the government’s implementation of e-services, commitment to a paperless government, and opening of investments into the ICT sector.

Over the last three years, Jonathan Kelly and Mitchell Mobayed, founders of Truly Secure, have delivered tailored IT management services and consultancy across the region for clients including government, semi-government, large enterprise companies, and SMEs.

The onboarding process includes a thorough audit to identify the company’s requirements, and areas for potential risks, which will further assist the service provider’s in-house engineers with sufficient information to design unique solutions. Truly Secure’s targeted solutions strive to solve problematic areas, ensuring desk-side support, handling all IT infrastructure issues, while offering world-class security, and AI usage, where necessary.

“We look forward to further expanding our services within the UAE. After consulting our shareholders and further identifying the exceeding demand for bespoke security services, we forecast our expansion will take place between Q2 and Q3 of this year. We will consistently ensure that while businesses embrace the digital transformation journey, they adopt digital security, as it’s crucial to the survivability of any business that operates in a digital workspace,” said Mobayed, the co-founder of Truly Secure.