UAE-based Trajan AI Consultancy Launches AI Accelerator

UAE based Trajan AI consultancy launches AI accelerator

UAE-based Trajan AI Consultancy has launched an AI accelerator at the Global AI Summit in KSA.

The aim of the summit is to find solutions for the planet’s major challenges, including global energy demand, decarbonisation, equitable access to healthcare, and disease eradication.

Catherine Granger, CEO, Trajan Consulting, stated, “We are launching this AI accelerator in a bid to empower those companies who want to take their business to the next level but need help in addressing and solving complex issues that are holding them back. The future is changing before our eyes and the need for the latest technological advancements has never been greater. This is what the Middle East business world has been calling out for and we’re delighted to be launching it at the prestigious Global AI Summit in Saudi Arabia, a country on the cusp of momentous development.”

Through the Trajan accelerator programme, Trajan can put into action their solutions and apply Machine Learning and problem solving to clients’ real-time global data sets.

The firm has been working in KSA since 2009 and is one of the companies that played a role in the evolution of the Kingdom into a business powerhouse.

Trajan Consulting has offices in Dubai, UK, Hong Kong, and KSA.