UAE-founded Zumvie Delivers Innovative New Platform


Following its graduation from the Flat6Labs Ignite seed program in Abu Dhabi, Zumvie announced the launch of an innovative new platform which enables Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies to create fully clickable product demos that can be embedded in blogs, landing pages, emails, sharable URLs and more.

The demos offer customers and prospects a fully interactive way to explore a solution’s features and capabilities without the need for any cumbersome registration or log-in.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s spending on SaaS grew 18.9 per cent last year and is projected to grow a further 16 per cent this year. “This growing appetite for cloud-delivered, subscription-based software is causing exponential growth in the number of offerings available. While the benefits of this trend include greater choice and negotiation capabilities for buyers, it has the potential to leave them overwhelmed and unable to effectively evaluate and select the solution that best fits their requirements,” explained Bertrams Lukstins, Co-founder at Zumvie.

The company’s market analysis reveals that 57 per cent of the SaaS selection process is completed before buyers even approach a SaaS company’s sales team. “Our solution enables SaaS providers to gain an edge during this critical consideration stage as it allows prospects to experience, rather than just read about the solution’s features and functionality,” Lukstins said. “Equally important, it enables companies to be far more thorough and effective in their analysis of SaaS solutions. This can help ensure they shortlist the offerings that best meet the unique needs of their organisation while sidestepping the frustrations they’d typically face with traditional, lengthy sales and evaluation processes.”

A major value proposition of Zumvie’s platform is that it eliminates the need for SaaS companies to commit precious technical resources to setting up their fully interactive product demos. To set up their demos on the platform, these SaaS companies need to start a subscription and are given access to a powerful dashboard that enables them to create an unlimited number of demos. Each of these can be highly customised with specific starting points, test data, and even the disablement of features so the demos can focus on specific aspects of the solution that SaaS providers want to highlight. Moreover, customers can leverage any existing tools, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, to understand exactly how their demos are performing.

Outlining the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and enhancement, Arturs Valenieks, Co-founder and CTO at Zumvie, “Within the next couple of months, we will have built out an advanced analytics panel which will enable our customers to see how people are engaging with the demos. We are also on track to roll out a walkthrough feature that will allow companies to guide visitors through the demos and elaborate further on available features.”