UAE’s TII Achieves Key Milestone In Advancing High-power Laser Tech


The introduction of the first high-power fibre laser in the MENA region, entirely designed, assembled, and tested in the UAE, validates the operational performance of the platform

Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global scientific research centre and the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), today announced that its Directed Energy Research Centre (DERC) has secured a major milestone in the rapid advancement of fibre laser technology.

The introduction of the first high-power fibre laser in the MENA region – a kW-level Ytterbium-doped fibre laser – entirely designed, assembled, and tested in the UAE – validates the excellent operational performance of its proprietary state-of-the art fibre laser development platform, and confirms the world-class skills and expertise of the DERC researchers and engineers involved in successfully propelling the UAE as a key player in high-power laser sources.

Under the leadership of Dr. Giuseppe Scurria, Lead Laser Researcher, the project entailed building a state-of-the-art optical laboratory for fibre laser development and optical fibre processing, developing unique local capabilities and competences on optical fibre shaping and processing, acquiring industry best practices and updated theoretical advances on fibre laser technologies, and establishing strong commercial relationships with world-renowned laser and photonics companies.

The international team of expert researchers and engineers that made the feat possible include Jawaher Al Ameri, Taif Alhmoudi, Asma Al Ahmadi, Reem Al Ameri, and Amit Dubey.

The high-power fibre laser is versatile and can be applied in myriad sectors, thanks to its high efficiency, high power, compactness, and robustness. It is widely implemented in material processing, defence, telecommunication, as well as medical applications. Due to the growing demand from high-tech fields, like defence and aerospace, higher output power has become one of the main research focus of fibre laser development, making it an optimum platform for further research and knowledge on nonlinear optical phenomena.

Commenting on the accomplishment, Dr Guillaume Matras, Senior Director of the Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics Department at TII, said, “This success is a critical turning point in the UAE’s journey towards sovereignty in high-power laser technologies. Furthermore, it promotes the UAE as a frontrunner in the fibre laser field, which will eventually open doors to more joint ventures and strategic collaboration with various industry and academe stakeholders.

“The achievement does not only boost TII’s credibility as a key enabler in driving transformative technologies in the region but also reinforces TII’s efforts in advocating Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a world-leading high-energy research and development hub.”