Vectra AI Reveals Cyber Security Blind Spots In PaaS and IaaS


Vectra AI, a leader in threat detection and response, has released the findings of the PaaS and IaaS Security Survey Report. The findings show a rapid expansion and reliance on AWS services while simultaneously showcasing security blind spots within many organisations.

The report compiled the answers of 317 IT executives all using AWS, 70 per cent coming from organisations of 1,000+ employees. 

As digital transformation efforts continue, the survey found that AWS is becoming an even more critical component to organisations who are regularly deploying new workloads, leveraging deployments in multiple regions, and are relying on more than one AWS service. The survey found: 

  • 64 per cent of DevOps respondents are deploying new workload services weekly or even more frequently
  • 78 per cent of organisations are running AWS across multiple regions (40 per cent in at least three)
  • 71 per cent of respondents say that they are using more than four AWS services (such as S3, EC2, IAM, etc.)

The expansion of AWS services has naturally led to increased complexity and risk with 100 per cent of companies surveyed having experienced at least one security incident in their public cloud environment. Gartner anticipated that over 99 per cent of cloud breaches will have a root cause of customer misconfiguration.

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Some blind spots the Vectra report uncovered include:

  • 30 per cent of organisations surveyed have no formal sign-off before pushing to production
  • 40 per cent of respondents say they do not have a DevSecOps workflow
  • 71 per cent of organisations say that 10 or more people can modify the entire infrastructure in their AWS environments, creating numerous attack vectors for hackers

The survey showed that companies are taking security seriously. Over half of the companies reported having double-digit security operations centre (SOC) headcounts, showing a significant investment in keeping their organizations secure.

“Securing the cloud with confidence is nearly impossible due to its ever-changing nature,” said Matt Pieklik, Senior Consulting Analyst at Vectra. “To address this, companies need to limit the number of attack vectors malicious actors are able to take. This means creating formal sign-off processes, creating DevSecOps workflows and limiting the number of people that have access to their entire infrastructure as much as possible. Ultimately, companies need to provide security holistically, across regions and automate as many activities as possible to enhance their effectiveness.”

Vectra has answered this industry need through the creation of Detect for AWS which reduces risk of cloud services being exploited, detects threats against AWS services, and automatically responds to attacks against applications running in AWS.