Veritas Unveils Enhancements to Data Insights Offerings


The new Veritas Data Insight capabilities in the cloud help IT organisations to seamlessly navigate through unstructured, dark, and sensitive data. 

Veritas Technologies, a secure multi-cloud data management, announced greater choice and flexibility for customers requiring data compliance solutions. Veritas Data Insight, which allows organisations to assess and mitigate unstructured and sensitive data compliance and cyber resilience risks, is now available in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) consumption model.

Johnny Karam, Managing Director & Vice President of International Emerging region at Veritas Technologies, said: “With increasing use of large language models (LLMs) to drive AI enhanced business capabilities across the region, comes an exponential increase in the already vast amount of data being transferred into, and processed by, UAE businesses.  With this comes a significant portion that is either valuable data that is being incorrectly identified or ROT data they don’t need. Our new Veritas Data Insight capabilities in the cloud help our customers navigate through the unstructured, dark, and sensitive data to add value and reduce risk without adding more complexity to any organisation’s IT infrastructure.”

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Dark data, which is data with unknown value, makes up roughly 52% of the average organisation’s unstructured data estate. In addition to containing redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data that costs organisations millions of dollars in unnecessary storage, such data may also contain sensitive information posing significant regulatory compliance and cyber resilience risks.

Veritas Data Insight offers in-depth data visibility, context and analysis across multi-cloud infrastructures to help resolve the cost, compliance and security risks associated with unstructured, dark and sensitive data. It also plays a key role in helping organisations respond to cyber threats such as ransomware by highlighting security weaknesses before an attack, providing early warning during an attack and ensuring decision-makers are armed with important insights about the data that may have been compromised after an attack.

Now, organisations can consume Veritas Data Insight from the cloud as a multi-tenant, Veritas-managed SaaS application. This option enables simplified onboarding; automatic updates, including new content sources; and greater scalability. 

Additional enhancements in the latest release of Veritas Data Insight—both on-premises and in the cloud—are designed to increase the product’s performance across all its core data compliance, governance and cyber resilience functions. These performance enhancements include: 

  • Efficiency: Data indexing now requires up to 50% less disk space.
  • Speed: Expedited data classification better focuses on content that is relevant. 
  • Coverage: Improved indexing and targeted classification results in more comprehensive compliance.

Veritas Data Insight is available as part of all three Veritas data compliance and governance service offerings—Information Governance, eDiscovery and Surveillance—which make it easy for customers to find the right combination of Veritas capabilities to meet their specific needs. It can also be paired with Veritas NetBackup Flex Scale and Veritas Alta Recovery Vault to create the ultimate solution for cyber resilience with scale-out data protection, data and asset intelligence and SaaS-based data isolation.