Verte Releases AI-enabled Supply Chain Platform For 3PLs And Wholesalers


Centralised information increases transparency; aggregated data solutions help solve key industry challenges.

Verte, a leader in supply chain visibility, announced the launch of new AI capabilities on its cloud supply chain platform. Artificial intelligence is transformational to the supply chain, and in the current eCommerce landscape, a platform with seamless, real-time connectivity is mandatory for all organisations.

Verte’s technology solutions enable real-time supply chain visibility with a data-driven platform that centralises information to increase transparency into the supply chain. Verte is uniquely positioned to provide aggregated data solutions that solve key industry challenges involving inventory and customer fulfilment, enabling retailers, shippers, 3PLs, and carriers to operate more effectively. It is the ultimate advanced connector to demand channels, available and in-transit merchandise, carriers, service providers, and physical locations of any kind.

The platform’s AI prescriptive solution can be applied to the planning, manufacturing, and positioning of inventory across a complex retail fulfilment network using Verte’s unified data-first approach. Verte’s AI inventory management solutions analyse consumer fulfilment choices and shopping behaviours, improving e-commerce and store inventory levels. Any entity may subscribe to the service. Your operations, partner providers, merchants, service providers, and vendors can all participate and optimise.

“We strongly believe that AI technology is going to have an enormous and beneficial impact on the e-commerce and supply chain industry in the coming years, which is why we are constantly advancing our AI capabilities. AI-driven solutions will be essential to e-commerce success. Organisations must leverage management tools with predictive analysis capabilities such as our new AI-enabled omnichannel platform to improve the customer journey,” said Shlomi Amouyal, Verte’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Sharing and receiving available-to-promise inventory with and from specific suppliers requires access control to reduce lead times and gain multi-enterprise visibility into each source. In addition, running everything under one cloud platform ensures that each fulfilment decision is aligned with the business’ priorities, whether that entails cost or time.

Verte’s multi-cloud platform is built with distributed, microservices-driven disruptive architecture for current and future supply chain needs. Additionally, the platform enables 6X faster onboarding and 5X times speedier volume management. Features include dynamic integration for multi-channel order capture (for e-commerce, wholesale, and aggregation clients) and ready-to-start EDI Integration.

The platform supports real-time progress visibility across containers and order movement across demand channels, as well as a network facility with multi-dimensional analysis of customer preferences and experience. Additional assets include distributed dynamic network fulfilment execution and prescriptive dynamic replenishment.

Organisations can simplify their order compliance with flexible, configurable templates (50+ pre-built templates, from labels to BOLs) and obtain inventory reclassification in real-time through virtual inventory segmentation across channel sales. In addition, to optimise inventory movement and picking, the Verte platform offers multiple units of measure handling of inventory across demand channels and configurable, scalable, and load-balanced execution options through robotics and manual support.

Verte’s new AI features also provide efficient route planning and shipments build-up, with adaptive changes to service level as needed. To manage and execute business delivery, organisations can utilise multi-mode last-mile delivery management, data management, and reporting analytics with transparency and traceability enabled through blockchain. The platform allows for automated billing and invoicing with support for transactional and value-added services, in addition to centralised returns management for omnichannel returns (store returns and/or e-commerce returns).

“With Verte’s machine-learning technology helping predict supply chain outcomes, sellers will be able to forecast their ability to meet a goal with a retailer or end-customer. Moreover, buyers will be able to make plans based on shipment timings,” said Padhu Raman, Verte’s co-founder and chief product officer.