Visionaize Announces Acquisition Of INOVX Software


The integration brings a comprehensive, AI-driven digital twin solution to empower leaders to succeed in their digital journey.

Visionaize, the intelligence-led digital twin company, announced the acquisition of INOVX, the digital twin innovator and creator of the V-Suite. The acquisition of INOVX opens new market opportunities to deliver Visionaize Visual Data Discovery and Visionaize Industrial Meta Verse with V-Suite capabilities to a broad set of customers. Additionally, it enables Visionaize to further productise and scale its expertise and front-line intelligence as part of the Visionaize Digital Twin platform.

Digital Twin technology is a virtual 3-D representation that serves as a real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or asset. The digitally mirrored asset mimics its analogue characteristics to provide insights into how it could be operated in a much more effective way. According to the independent market research leader Markets and Markets, the Digital Twin global market is projected to reach $48 billion in 2026, with the top three growth industries Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

The INOVX V-Suite is a contextualised 3-D asset visualisation engine that accelerates digital transformation by facilitating near-real-time business decision-making using the end-to-end visual asset integration of complex business processes, such as inspection, maintenance, governance, and outage management. This technology will become a key part of the Visionaize Digital Twin platform, bringing a vendor-agnostic V-Suite that integrates with and enhances any customer environment. Further, the combination of cloud-based 3-D visualisation models will be used in the Visionaize Digital Twin, providing advanced integration with records systems for customers while improving real-time business consumption and real-time decision-making process for Visionaize Consume customers.

“With Visionaize Digital Twin position on the market, we know that we have the most comprehensive, AI-based solution for digital transformation customers worldwide. INOVX V-Suite productise integrations to enterprise systems of record to deliver faster outcomes and empower more customers with the better real-time decision-making process,” said Vikas Agrawal, Visionaize Chief Executive Officer. “This creates a learning system with new capabilities that will enable us to expand our Visionaize Digital Twin portfolio and enriches the product with enterprise automation capabilities of risk awareness, unified asset-centric data access in real-time, reduces outages, and improves customer satisfaction.”

The INOVX V-Suite rapidly creates and consolidates accurate 3-D models with asset information and integrates with the leading business applications to contextualise data, optimise asset management processes, and improve real-time business decision-making capabilities for digital transformation leaders. Using a proprietary and extensible 3-D platform, the INOVX V-Suite delivers ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions for asset inspection, operation, and maintenance, enhancing risk awareness and improving remote collaboration and decision-making without the expensive engineering and professional services required to achieve inferior results. The combination of INOVX’s V-Suite capabilities with Visionaize Digital Twin will enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey and provide enterprise decision-making capabilities in real-time, resulting in the generation of new revenue streams while improving profitability.

“Customers rely on our V-Suite to consolidate and contextualise asset information, which lowers cost on critical reliability activities, such as risk-based inspection (RBI) while improving insight and decreasing the risks of managing complex heterogeneous asset-rich enterprises for far less cost than existing processes and tools, “said David Reinhart, INOVX President, and Co-Founder. “Now coupled with Visionaize world-class Digital Twin Consume, and intelligent process automation, customers can be confident the most up-to-date and comprehensive digital twin solution will address most ambitious digital transformation objectives. This increases response time, and fix rates, prediction of the events of interest, prescription of business actions in real-time, and ultimately reduction of risk, all while improving safety, lowering costs and improving business health.”