Yext Launches Financial Services Cloud — A Guided AI-Powered Search Solution

Yext, the AI search company, announced the launch of its Financial Services Cloud, a set of AI search solutions optimised for banks and other financial institutions.

Incorporating Yext capabilities like advanced AI-powered site search, accurate third-party listings, and search-optimised landing pages, the Financial Services Cloud also introduces a completely new solution: Guided Search. The solution leads consumers through a series of questions on a financial institution’s website in order to match them with the product, service, or financial professional aligned to their unique needs.

With hyper-personalisation emerging as a top trend in the financial services industry, it’s never been more important for institutions to bypass a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead offer customisable online experiences to their customers.

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Yext’s Financial Services Cloud includes the following solutions:

  • Guided Search: When consumers search, they’re looking for direction. With guided search, financial institutions can provide just that, by combining Yext’s powerful AI-powered site search with a guided Q&A experience on their website. When someone answers questions about their unique financial needs, goals, and preferences, guided search will analyse their responses and suggest the right product, service, or financial professional — resulting in prospects who are more likely to convert.
  • Reputation Management: Yext’s reputation management solution makes it easy for financial institutions to monitor, respond to, and generate reviews for their branches and professionals at scale. This helps financial institutions not only build better brand trust, but also increase their discoverability on third-party search platforms.
  • Marketing for Branches and Professionals: By accessing Yext’s vast network of direct integrations — with more than 200 third-party platforms like Google, Bing, and Amazon Alexa — financial institutions can optimize and update information about their branches and financial professionals with the click of a button.
  • Product and Service Pages: Financial institutions have the ability to create search-optimized landing pages that showcase their various products and service offerings. This improves their discoverability on third-party platforms and helps turn site visitors into customers.
  • Portals: Financial professionals, channel partners, and customers can now take advantage of personalised AI search-powered control centers — either on a financial institution’s first-party experiences or behind its firewall. With permissions based on user roles, different users can self-serve and find answers to questions on their own, leading to increased satisfaction, improved productivity, reduced support requests, and more.

“Time and again, consumers have rated personalisation as a cornerstone of financial services — and that’s no surprise, given the unique needs of every customer,” said Shane Closser, Head of Industry for Financial Services at Yext. “With the introduction of Yext’s Financial Services Cloud, especially our new guided search solution, financial institutions can deliver an exceptional, personalised experience to every customer on their website — even those who need help identifying exactly what they’re looking for.”