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BeeVision Adds Accuracy With Microsoft’s Time of Flight technology and Azure

Companies in manufacturing, retail, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and other industries, constantly need to determine logistic charges and increase warehouse and vehicle efficiency. 3D depth cameras...

Fashion Made On Demand

For manufacturing companies left with unsold, dead inventory, can an on-demand model be the long-awaited solution? What do you picture when you hear the word...
Take a Closer Look at OCR

Take a Close Look at OCR

Driven by AI and Deep Learning, the long-invested OCR technology recognises scanned text and extracts meaningful information out of it. Without Optical Character Recognition (OCR),...

Adding AI to Supply ChAIn

Although AI-powered supply chain management is increasingly being leveraged, several companies are still wary of its benefits and added risks With the vision to replace...

 Asia Pacific IoT Command Centre To Be Established In Adelaide

Canadian building management company BGIS will expand its Australian operations centre to monitor clients across the Asia-Pacific region. BGIS plans to utilise the latest Internet...
Change in mindset needed

Change in Mindset Needed

Engineer Fahad A. Alhamed, Chairman of the Board, Saudi Cloud Computing Association, one of the speakers at Enterprise Cloud & Data Centre Forum 2021,...

Top Five Challenges Enterprises Will Face in 2021

Integrating data into strategy is proving to be a key differentiator for businesses of all sizes. The commonly used term "Data-Driven" is not just...

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