The Customer Genome and the New State of Personalisation


As customers, our experience with brands matters most to us. As brands, we must, therefore, invest in understanding the customer genome which will lead to better customer experiences through personalisation.

There are many factors into play when a customer makes a purchase – product features, ratings and reviews, and brand name – among others. The various product attributes make up the product’s DNA for the customer, and this DNA across the full set of merchandise can provide an extensive and descriptive data library to uncover why customers choose what they choose.

65% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer
if they are recognised, remembered, and receive relevant recommendations

All interactions of a customer across various channels such as mobile app usage, email responses, social interactions, poll submissions, in-person events attended, etc. shed light on their unique preferences, motivations and passions. Combining attributes across all interactions creates the customer genome, which is a living profile of the most unique aspects of each individual as they evolve in real time.

The customer genome allows companies to capture all digital interactions that are comprised of descriptive and insightful attributes while purchasing or browsing products. The collection of attributes provide an extensive data library that shows signs of a customer’s personality and preference for things that matter.

80% of consumers comfortable with data being collected

The customer genome is significantly more personal than the simple tracking of customers’ product purchases. The living profile means more than personalisation. It will help drive all forms of business decisions and will serve as the centralised customer intelligence to deliver an orchestrated experience across all channels and touchpoints.

The eBook Customer Genome and The State of Personalization will help brands understand why they need the customer genome and how it can help them interact with customers and compete in the market.

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