Developing ESG Through AI

The best practices for setting objectives, evaluating results, and reporting ESG progress are made simple by combining existing organisational data with AI. In 2022, government...

Core Network Services For The Modern Hybrid Workplace 

Broader use of cloud and SaaS applications drives more significant investment in technologies that improve productivity, data security and continuous business operations Work from anywhere...

Three Things Business Leaders Should Know About Security

A few years ago, Cathay Pacific suffered a lapse in data security, affecting the personal information of an estimated 9.4 million people. Along with the...
Adopting Zero Trust Security Framework

Adopting Zero Trust Security Framework 

Getting started with Zero Trust can be overwhelming, but the underlying benefits are worth it The concept of Zero Trust is not new, given that...
Why We Need To Govern AI

Why We Need to Govern AI 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to AI governance, but failing to adequately address it can have far-reaching ramifications, including financial loss and...

Are Privacy Laws Driving Privacy-Protecting Analytics?

Clubhouse tapped into the yearning of many for an outlet for personal expression. Having launched in April 2020, the audio-only app, which allows users...

GDPR: What You Should Know

Years into the establishment of the General Data Protection Regulation, refresh your knowledge on data privacy, security and compliance The Right to Privacy dates back...
World Economic Forum Launches Initiative to Enable Equitable and Trusted Use of Data for Global Common Good

World Economic Forum Launches Data for Common Purpose Initiative

World Economic Forum announced the first-of-its-kind global initiative on designing a governance framework to responsibly enhance the societal benefit from data. Governments, researchers and...

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