Lifescale Analytics’ Data Evolution Strategy for Digital Transformation in Organisations


Lifescale Analytics, Inc. announces a revolutionary approach toward digital transformation with its Data Evolution Strategy. The strategy is pivotal in helping organisations modernise their operations, processes, and customer experiences, allowing them to get the most out of their data.

Current data strategies must evolve beyond traditional data lakes and data marts into today’s non-stop streaming feeds that can become stale within moments of creation. Lifescale Analytics’ Data Evolution Strategy targets the right mix of historically actionable and immediately valuable data, which is crucial when using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. While historically valuable data provides a deep understanding of things such as past performance and efficiency and “the why” regarding a business’ current state, immediately actionable data presents insights into the current systems and processes that can be leveraged to drive reactive business decisions, mainly from new sources such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

“The need for utilising actionable data that has been properly curated and vetted as accurate is essential when integrating into today’s climate utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” said Trish Geloso, CEO of Lifescale Analytics.

Lifescale Analytics’ proven Data Evolution Strategy helps turn the noise down by creating efficient models into a path organisations can rely on and, more importantly, trust in their most critical business decisions, providing an organisation with the most efficient path toward digital transformation.