Sales Enablement Platform Awarathon on AI-based Roleplay Training

Sale Enablement Platform Awarathon on AI-based Roleplay Training

The sales simulator with an AI-based persona virtually trains a salesperson to perfect his pitch. 

Sales teams continue to grow exponentially, and the limitations of physical training have caught the attention of organisations in recent years.

Once a sales representative has been onboarded and attended the introductory training in person, Awarathon, a sales enablement platform, can easily take the training online with its sales simulator with Trinity, its AI-based persona. 

Once Awarathon takes over

Awarathon is designed to make the user effective in front of the client. These days, sales representatives get very little time in front of the customer, and in that short period, they have to speak about what matters the most. Awarathon stands out with its customer-centric approach and flexibility in catering to various organisational needs. The provision of a controlled environment for practising is essential for sales professionals. It allows them to refine their skills without fearing making mistakes in front of clients. This improves their ability to stay competitive in evolving markets. 

To give a statistical observation, within one year for a field force of more than 8500 people, learner engagement improved by almost 50% within three months and 55.49% relative growth was observed with learners using the platform consistently for over a year. 

Impact on business processes 

Awarathon has a focused approach for effective impact on business processes. By standardising the entire training process, trainers and leaders can set up the assessment per the organisation’s needs, allowing them to set up scenarios similar to actual sales calls. By taking the training to the reps, the limitations of offline training are cancelled. The platform provides valuable insights as managers can see the actual recorded video of reps, and leadership teams can even see the holistic view of the entire field force’s performance. This highlights areas of weakness and strength and where improvement is required. 

The solid impact of Awarathon 

Being a virtual practice platform, it is risk-free because it’s not an actual sales call. A salesperson gets to practice multiple times until he has honed his pitch perfectly. 

Self-assessment of the performance allows them to view their recorded pitch video, and by the time they are through the training, their confidence sees a boost, and they are more prepared to present themselves in front of a real client. 

An Awarathon-trained salesforce is more confident and competent in real customer interactions, has effective and persuasive sales conversations and can handle objections.
The platform records specific data, including sales skills and techniques like active listening, objection handling, and closing strategies. A company can standardise its brand communication and improve product knowledge, which helps deliver value to customers.  Being on the go, a rep can log in and practice from wherever they are.