Can Silicon Valley Move To Miami? 


Miami Tech Month 2022 is trying to make a strong argument for the city as a talent and tech hub, and the response has been promising.

Miami Tech Month was kicked off by the inaugural 3-day Miami NFT Week founded by blockchain, marketing, technology consultant – Gianni D’Alerta, founder of Slip-N-Slide records – Ted Lucas, and Managing Partner at typo – Erik LaPaglia. The event ended up attracting 4,000 in person and 3,000 more virtually. Not to forget the 250 speakers from the world of art, music, gaming, sports, travel, fashion, real estate, tech and more. On full display was Miami’s eagerness to be a key player in the rise of web3, defined as an “a nosotros moment,” by Saif Ishoof, Founder of Lab22C.

Guests included Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, entrepreneur of Shark Tank fame Mark Cuban and VaynerNFT President Avery Akkineni. Suarez has made transforming Miami into a tech hub a campaigning point in the past.  Softbank vowed to invest $100 million in startups based in the city earlier in January. Similarly, Blackstone to Citadel and venture capital firms from the Founders Fund to Palm Drive Capital announced plans to open offices in trendy Miami neighbourhoods. Just in the last month, Ironhack announced $200,000 in scholarship diversity funds to develop local tech talent and support the growth of an ecosystem. Ironhack is an institution that helps students develop the technical skills needed to become cybersecurity engineers, web developers, and UI or UX designers. Startup Mueshi, a decentralised Global Art Exchange platform that allows investors to fractionally invest in artworks, announced a fresh round of funding in the last week. In the Mueshi platform, investors discover diverse artworks to buy and sell fractional shares, while artists receive pay and re-sale royalties for their work.

Did we mention that the conference also included hackathons, family marathons, power yoga, climate change champions and tennis champ Serena Williams? These are just a few things Miami has on offer.

Here are the highlights of Miami Tech Month;

The React community came together

The React community came together after the idea for a conference was sparked by a single tweet. React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. It is maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers and companies.

Speakers at the conference included Lee Robinson, Director of Developer Relations at front-end platform Vercel, Kent C. Dodds co-founder of web development platform Remix, Jenn Creighton, a senior software engineer at Netflix and Nader Dabit, a Developer Relations Engineer at web3 firm Edge & Node.


eMerge Americas 2022 built for a cause

The aim of this conference was to connect government, educational institutions, enterprise and venture capitalists under the same roof. Here are some student projects that took centreAll-You-Need-to-Know-from-Miami-Tech-Month-inside-image2stage.


The Medina Aquarius Program

The only facility of its kind, Aquarius Reef Base offers maximum efficiency and access for the study and exploration of a region particularly susceptible to global environmental threats. Deployed 60 feet beneath the surface of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Aquarius Reef Base is a globally significant asset that provides unparalleled means to study the ocean, test and develop state-of-the-art undersea technology, train specialised divers, and engage a worldwide audience through in-person and virtual experiences.


Wall of Wind (WoW)

The largest and most powerful university research facility of its kind, the WoW can simulate a Category 5 hurricane with winds over 157 mph. The facility can test full-sized structures such as site-built or manufactured housing and small commercial structures.

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