Top 10 Data Privacy Podcasts


These data privacy podcasts have been helping business leaders keep up with the latest regulations

Data privacy is a hot topic, and with the rise of technology, data experts are urging business leaders to rethink their data privacy strategies. Meanwhile, it is also important for organisations to keep track of the latest privacy and law regulations that could affect their business strategies.

Today, several podcasts are hosted by privacy experts trying to strike conversations about the most imminent data and privacy challenges and their impact. Here are our top picks.

Data Privacy Detective

Host: Joe Dehner

First Aired: 2016

One of its latest episodes features André Sollner, Global CFO, wizlynx group, a global ethical hacking and penetration testing provider. He talks about preventive system assessments that can fortify defences against data theft, ransomware attacks, and other data disasters. 

The podcast explores how governments balance personal privacy interests with competing needs for public security, health, and other communal goods. The show discusses personal data privacy, aims to limit access, and explores how threat actors penetrate defences to access data. The show has covered the privacy landscape of Taiwan, Singapore, and Turkey, among others.

Data Privacy Unlocked

Host: David Stauss

First Aired: 2021

One of its latest episodes features Massachusetts representatives Dave Rogers and Andy Vargas. They discuss their general views on data privacy, the development and changes to the Massachusetts Information Privacy and Security Act, and their goals for the Act.

The emergence of broad state consumer privacy legislation has been one of the most critical stories in privacy law since 2018, when the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed. Stauss interviews state lawmakers who spearheaded CCPA-like privacy legislations.

Data Protection Breakfast Club

Hosts: Andy Dale, Pedro Pavón

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features Dale and Pavón talking with Andrew Epstein, General Counsel, Demandbase about the state of data transfer regulation, the state of the Union, building a policy team, and a decentralised workforce.

The podcast is hosted by  Dale, Counsel at Alyce, and Pedro Pavón, Privacy, Ads, and Data Policy at Facebook. The duo deep dive into tech law, data protection and privacy. In its third season, the show has featured several industry experts such as Stephanie King, Vice President, deputy general counsel, product & privacy at Twitter; Professor Eric Goldman and Carl Gottlieb, Data Protection Officer, Cognition.

Data Security And Privacy With The Privacy Professor

Host: Rebecca Herold

First Aired: 2018

One of its latest episodes features privacy law and business process outsourcing expert Jon Bello. Herold and Bello discuss the importance of contact centres, customer service privacy, and cybersecurity practices. 

As more technologies emerge, more surveillance tactics are used, and artificial intelligence systems are deployed, cybersecurity and privacy risks grow exponentially. The podcast discusses existing and emerging security and privacy risks and provides fresh insights into the impact of exploiting these risks. Some of the featured guests include Kim Hakim, CEO & Founder of FutureCon Events, and AI expert Davi Ottenheimer.

Life With GDPR

Hosts: Tom Fox, Jonathan Armstrong

First Aired: 2018

In one of its latest episodes features, the hosts dissect the case of the Smart TV and considers its implications for de minimums cases brought under GDPR. They talk about the court’s ruling, the underlying facts, and the viability of a de minimums claim.

In this podcast, Tom Fox, C Suite Network executive leader and Jonathan Armstrong, co-founder of Cordery Compliance, use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to data privacy and data protection. The podcast has also featured guests such as Andre Bywater, Cordery Compliance, Co-founder, and Jed Gardner of Linedata.

Pad-cast (Privacy And Data Talks)

Host: Anthony Brown

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features privacy lawyer Avishai Ostrin. He talks about why Israel is known as the startup nation and its contributing factors. Brown and Ostrin also discuss the privacy differences in the US, EU and Israel. 

The podcast discusses data privacy news and views with experts. It’s a platform for thought leaders to tell their stories and insights on industry developments, enabling listeners to learn, understand, and get inspired. Some of the featured guests include April Falcon Doss, author of Cyber Privacy: Who Has Your Data and Why You Should Care and Kolvin Stone, Data Privacy Partner, Fox Williams.

Privacy Please

Host: Cameron Ivey and Gabe Gumbs

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist, Druva talks about the intricacies of data backup, disaster recovery, and long-term storage.

The podcast discusses real-life data privacy and security issues. Episodes feature guests from educational institutions, such as Kent State University and Cal State, to a New York state senator, Black Hat representative, and others from companies such as TrustArc, Seclore, KnowBe4, and Cisco.

Serious Privacy

Hosts: Paul Breitbarth, K Royal

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features privacy activist Sjoera Nas who was involved with digital rights in the late 1990s and early 2000s, while working for the Dutch internet service provider XS4all, and later for civil rights group Bits of Freedom. She talks about DPIAs, risk mitigating measures with technology and Google analytics alternatives. 

This podcast features open discussions with global privacy professionals who discuss the latest issues in handling personal data — from data management and cybersecurity to social justice and data ethics. Some of the previous guests include Lindsey Schultz, Senior Counsel at Global Privacy for Visa, Marty Abrams, the Executive Director and Chief Strategist of the Information Accountability Foundation, and Carolin Lynch, Founder, Copper Hill Strategies.

She Said Privacy/ He Said Security

Hosts: Jodi and Justin Daniels

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features Bill Tolson, VP of Global Compliance and eDiscovery at Archive360. He talks about the first steps of creating a privacy and security strategy for the cloud, how new privacy laws will potentially impact businesses, and why knowing where your data is stored matters.

The podcast is hosted by the Daniels’ couple who debate, evaluate, and sometimes quarrel about how privacy and security impact businesses in the 21st century. Some of the earlier guests of the show include Dr Ondrej Krehel, Founder and CEO, LIFARS; Tommy Donnelly, CIO, BetterCloud; and Melanie Ensign, Founder and CEO, Discernible.

The Data Diva

Host: Debbie Reynolds

First Aired: 2020

One of its latest episodes features Nishant Bhajaria, Director of Privacy Engineering, Uber, who talks about the gap between operational and legal Data Privacy and the need for collaboration. He also talks about his concerns about data privacy, trust, and quality.   

The podcast covers wide-ranging topics with global leaders about data privacy and how it impacts businesses. It explores data and emerging technologies, international laws and regulations, data ethics, individual privacy rights, and future trends with the founder and CEO of Debbie Reynolds Consulting. The podcast has featured several tech leaders such as Alexandre Blanc, CISO of VARS Corporation, and Jimmy Sanders, IT, Netflix.

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