Tips, Tricks And Tools To Test IoT Systems


IoT and embedded devices present a challenge to ethical hackers hoping to understand these devices’ security vulnerabilities.

To hack IoT interfaces and integrated applications, a professional requires knowledge of Python, Swift and PHP, among others. Knowledge of these programming languages combined with tools can give hackers the ability to check vulnerabilities in IoT devices.

Ethical IoT hacking tools help collect information about malicious behaviour and payloads, password cracking, and a range of other activities. These tools are computer programs and scripts that aid in detecting and exploiting defects in computer systems, web applications, and networks. The usage of such tools and applications help companies not only to protect their information and systems better and improve the skills of their security professionals, identify potential security deficiencies and prevent data infringement.

Here are a few popular tools:


Fiddler is an open-source web proxy tool that works with any browser or platform. It has many features to help a pen-testing device. It allows debugging the web traffic on any system.

Fiddler records the data and also deals with the traffic while it is transmitted. It is intended for dual debug and proxy configuration purposes. It logs proxy-support data from applications.

Fiddler tool is mainly used to intercept and decrypt HTTPS traffic from a pen-testing point of view. Professional, ethical hackers, use it to debug to see that the system is sending HTTP requests to a website or service.


  • Works with nearly every HTTP client
  • Can stop customer traffic on non-Windows platforms as well


Maltego is an open-source collaborative data mining tool that provides link analysis graphs. The tool is used in online investigations to discover connections from different online sources. It makes sense of the data and helps connect the results.

Maltego tool can analyse the links between individual open-source information. As a penetration tester, this can be a valuable tool during the intelligence gathering phases and can operate on Windows, OS, and Linux. It is a flexible tool for almost every business environment.

Benefits :

  • Maltego shows the complexity and severity of single failure points.
  • It represents information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.


Metasploit gives software security information and enhances penetration testing. It is an open-source penetration tool used to test vulnerabilities in the computer and gain access to the computer remotely and secure them.

Ethical hackers use Metasploit to search and discover software vulnerabilities on networks and exploit code on a remote target computer. Any licenced penetration tester in an organisation can use the Metasploit framework to discover vulnerable areas with ready-to-use or personalised code.

It is also used in threat hunting by exploring the vulnerabilities and reporting them, and systematic bugs are fixed with information gained.


  • Metasploit is open-source and easy to use.
  • It allows users to access its source code and add their customised modules.


Network Mapper (Nmap) is a widely used open-source scanning tool. When scanning, it sends crafted packets to discover the devices connected to the network and then gives data to the operating system to analyse the responses. Nmap is specially developed for enterprise-scale networks to scan hundreds of devices and help network administrators to detect vulnerabilities.

A Nmap tool uses its primary package data to find out other hosts in the network, what services the hosts have to position, what operating systems they run on, and what kinds of packet filters and firewalls are in place.

Security auditors use Nmap to identify vulnerabilities in their systems. Ethical hackers consider Nmap an essential determinant of port capacity and the discovery of hosts and services on a network. They use Nmap to target systems using existing Nmap scripts when performing security audits and vulnerability scanning.


  • Interaction with the target host is possible using the Nmap scripting engine.
  • Auditing the network for detecting the new servers.


Wireshark is a network packet analyser that allows ethical hackers to capture and analyse network traffic in real-time. It is an open-source program considered by ethical hackers to be one of the most crucial network security tools. In short, you can capture and view information via your network with Wireshark.

In the forensic industry, Wireshark is widely used to resolve the network’s performance, detect unusual traffic, misconfigured programming, and protocol problems. Ethical hackers use network protocol analysers to gain a detailed understanding of a target network.


  • Available for various platforms: Windows and UNIX.
  • It can find comprehensive details about packets within a network and is not proprietary.
  • Detects traffic issues sent and received.
  • Decodes traffic from another person.


Ethical hacking tools are evolving. With these handy programs, enterprises can check for insecure firmware, analyse web interfaces and more. By using IoT hacking tools, enterprises can secure their  devices and infrastructure. Performing a thorough penetration testing assessment entails more than simply selecting a tool from the list. Instead, it evaluates the organisation, information, requirements, and stakeholders involved. This process helps create an ideal strategy that effectively incorporates tools to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities.

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