Top Tech Innovations At Dubai Expo 2020 

Dubai Expo 2020 is making headlines not only for the most-advanced architecture, artistic creations and amazingly designed pavilions. Several global enterprises have showcased technological innovations that manifest the future of a digital-first world.

Fostering the theme “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”, these tech-driven solutions reflect smartification. Experts believe the concept can generate global economic benefits of $20 trillion through 2026. Perhaps, it’s the reason for increased smart city investments expected to more than double, from $100 billion in 2021 to $250 billion in 2030.

Here are our top four picks of technological brilliance showcased at Dubai Expo 2020.

Cisco Demonstrated The Office of the Future, Cisco Grove

Cisco deployed the Office of the Future concept – a web application that allows a secure and seamless search of meeting rooms at the Expo 2020. Users can schedule meetings and create WebEx Conferences for remote participants. The future of work solution included other features such as the activation of an AI Voice Assistant to have Voicea’s EVA to take and share notes. Visitors could also use the application to book one-on-one meetings.

Additionally, the Cisco Grove was introduced. It is the world’s first large-scale smart integrated network architecture that takes inspiration from natural groves and their intelligent underground systems. It illustrates how smart, intuitive networks can create greater connectivity, forge opportunity and power an inclusive future for all.

“Our digital future requires the use of intelligent networks which constantly learn, adapt and protect. This is exactly why Cisco’s technology was selected as the foundation for secure connectivity at Expo 2020 Dubai,” said Shukri Eid, MD of Cisco Gulf Region.

Siemens Launched Smart Building Management System

Siemens demonstrated a blueprint for future smart cities with its digital building management system Desigo CC on Dubai Expo 2020’s purpose-built website twice the size of Monaco. With over 130 buildings in installations at Siemens Navigator, the company is using digital solutions offered by the cloud-based operating system MindSphere to link, monitor, and operate buildings across the site.

The smartness centres around MindSphere solutions, where data generated by elevators, air conditioners, lights and other machines are linked to reshape urban living. Siemens project enhanced the expo’s energy efficiency, safety, and security goals, and it is a teaser to the future potential of smart cities. About 80 per cent of the infrastructure will remain after the end of the expo in March. It would form the core of a sustainable new urban district in Dubai, known as District 2020.

“Siemens will demonstrate how we can make cities more efficient, sustainable, safe and convenient places to live and work. We are committed to not just the event, but we will also move our Dubai headquarters to District 2020,” said Helmut von Struve, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens in the Middle East.

SAP Demonstrated Intelligent City Model, Unified Procurement Payment System

Seeking to tap into the growing demand of cloud solutions, SAP unveiled its intelligent hub, in collaboration with Google Cloud and Deloitte.

The 900-square-metre SAP House brings together technologies to demonstrate an intelligent city model, including an immersive tunnel, an interactive gamification of equestrian sports, and SAP Customer Checkout for retail innovation. It features how real-time customer experience innovations can transform the economy, society, and environment.

“The SAP House at Expo 2020 Dubai is an unparalleled immersive zone for real-time technology to solve the current era’s most pressing challenges, including supporting people of determination,” said Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President, SAP Middle East South. “With 94 per cent of GCC government IT decision-makers agreeing that technology can transform citizen experiences, enabling the future of a Networked Economy is vital. Together with our partners Deloitte and Google Cloud, we are showcasing how cloud-based digital transformation can create the future through new levels of innovation.”

Additionally, SAP demonstrated an end-to-end automated procurement system that reflected transparency and efficiency across the expo’s supply chain for large enterprises and SMEs.

Accenture Opened Technology Innovation Showcase

Along with Etisalat Digital, Accenture unveiled an immersive environment called Accenture Exchange that showcased innovative technology demonstrations in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud, quantum computing, and machine learning. The demonstrations drove information security and customer relations solutions, e-ticketing technologies, AI-powered virtual assistants, and geo-location services.

Gerardo Canta, Senior Managing Director at Accenture, said, “Accenture and Etisalat Digital worked with Expo and its other technology partners to build a vast digital infrastructure that delivers a highly personalised visitor experience.” The company created a suite of digital channels – including a website, mobile app and chatbot – leveraging AI, natural language processing (NLP) and data analytics, to ensure an accessible, relevant and personalised experience for all.

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