Velocity Summit Solves Data Challenges


Data-driven decisions can empower enterprises with agility, optimise their staff and services, and boost their overall performance. At Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022, we approach datatech challenges with real-world solutions from leading brands and data professionals.

With KSA building futuristic capabilities in managing and using data to support growth, security, and economic well-being, targeted data usage and intelligence have become detrimental to data professionals.

As enterprises are adopting cloud, big data, and IoT services and with KSA making strides in network connectivity, the data centre industry has become the buzzword. With the AI Policy of Vision 2030 being announced in KSA, the data landscape in the country is evolving. As data professionals, are you looking for answers while developing data-driven decision-making models or wondering if your data analytics needs a course correction?

Velocity Data and Analytics Summit 2022 will take place on September 28 and 29, 2022. Speakers take on data professionals’ challenges and offer practical solutions to navigate the space.

Here is what data professionals can expect.

Want to see better results by leveraging data analytics?

Enterprises are capitalising on Business Intelligence by effectively adapting dashboards and data products. Operationalising AL/ML projects can help enterprises predict, plan, and develop measures and countermeasures. Understanding these aspects will help data professionals to understand new demand patterns and handle complex business scenarios through reinforced and distributed learning in AI. Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022 will see panellists; Tahani I. Aldosemani – Associate Professor at Prince Sattam University; Abdullah Khamis, Director of Data Science, Machine Learning Expert, Fintech at Islamic Development Bank; Adil Belhouari – Senior Vice President/Head of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Analytics at Riyad Bank and Dr. Osama Naser Alrajeh – General Manager, Institute of Public Administration at IPA participating in AI/ML Data Experiences.

Data Fabric Architecture

Simplifying a diverse data ecosystem is a challenge ahead for many enterprises. Companies aim to stabilise various data repositories seamlessly across the cloud and region to meet the new age of data and analytics. However, they need to allow data automation, exploration, integration, and cataloguing to reduce delivery time. Using the right data management tool also accelerates the digitisation of business processes. To know more about this, attend a session discussing Data Fabric Architecture at Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022

Power of AI

Scaling AI is essential for scaling the business. But what are the challenges in scaling AI within large organisations? How can companies create a data-driven culture to empower teams to leverage AI and data science? What are the most common challenges in having a human-centred approach to data? Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022 will have a presentation by Dataiku on the Power of AI

Right Data Over Big Data

Is the data analytics course correction in sight? Should enterprises invest time and energy in leveraging Big Data or find the Right Data in the right place at the right time? It can be a catch-22 situation for many companies and decision-makers. Tracking the emergence of the Right Data analytics as a strategic objective over Big Data analytics is essential for data professionals in recent times. It will help them understand what data drives wastage in your organisation and develop a strategy to eliminate it. Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022 will have a panel discussion to explore the dynamics between Right Data over Big Data.

Securing Big Data Analytics

It is speeding the transition from handling the cyber attack to its detection. The same is possible with the help of analytics as it helps determine a pattern of cyber attacks. Deploying analytics as a part of a cybersecurity strategy has benefitted many enterprises. It is about accessing vulnerabilities, implementing solutions that meet regulatory requirements, and looking at data encryption and access control policies as possible solutions. Velocity – Data and Analytics Summit 2022 will have a session on How To Secure Big Data Analytics.

Data Activation Masterclass

How can you keep pace with Ad Tech industry changes as a data professional or an enterprise? What does ‘server-side’ really mean? And what can your role be in shifting from aggregate reporting to real-time optimisation? Data professionals are discussing concepts like Machine Learning, the Metaverse and Blockchain, the Cookieless movement, and Google shifting its underlying data collection framework. But Data Automation needs a foundation, but until recently, there haven’t been off-the-shelf data activation tools to make data engineering a self-serve reality. Don’t miss the Data Activation Masterclass which will cover how to create a real-time, event-forwarding customer data pipeline.

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