360Science Announces Snowflake Integration


360Science, the leader in matching, deduping, unifying and linking contact and business data announced that it has expanded its suite of integrations and offerings with the addition of Snowflake, the world’s leading cloud-based data platform. Users will now be able to easily find duplicates within tables, find matches across tables and even compare data in Snowlake to other integrated sources like Microsoft SQL Server and Excel.

360Science helps organisations large and small, from virtually every vertical and sector improve the data that matters most to them. Top down requests for data driven decision making isn’t enough, people must be equipped with tools like Cortex that allow them to find answers quickly and easily.

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“One of our principal tenets is All Your Data, All Your People,” explains Brian Haering, Chief Operating Officer at 360Science. “This means weaving accessibility throughout our products both in terms of ease-of-use and connectivity. We’ve engineered our tools to be powerful and simple to use for all types of users across an organisation.”

Snowflake’s focus on providing new ways to access and utilise data harmonises well with 360Science’s dedication to empowering users everywhere with data they can trust. Combined with 360Science’s proprietary data matching technology, the integration will give users more control and confidence in their Snowflake data.