AI-powered Bot By Lay’s: Now Crunch Your Chips To Drown Out Movie Dialogue

AI-powered Bot By Lay’s_ Now Crunch Your Chips To Drown Out Movie Dialogue

We will finally understand who exactly framed Roger Rabbit.

Lay’s Creates an AI-powered Bot to Solve World’s Greatest Problem: Crunching of Chips Drowning Out Movie Dialogue. Lay’s has launched a new clever campaign designed to counteract the pain of missing movie dialogue due to the inescapable crunching sound of chips in your mouth.

The ‘Crispy Subtitles’ Google Chrome extension and accompanying short film were rolled out in collaboration with Happiness Saigon.

After analysing over 170 hours of people eating chips across the globe, Lay’s built an AI-powered bot designed to turn on a YouTube movie’s subtitles as soon as the sound of chips crunching is heard. Users just need to download the Chrome extension and then return to shovelling handfuls of chips into their mouths.

The ones who have missed out on the subtitles of far too many of the world’s greatest pieces of cinema as jet engine decibel levels of crunching blasted through our ears, we no longer need to aks our friends what exactly was uttered in that particular movies. We will now be able to truly examine such fine pieces of art for ourselves.