Alkira Launches Cloud Insights To Tackle Cloud Bloat 


Cloud networking provider Alkira is releasing Cloud Insights, a free tool to improve the networking and security of enterprise cloud deployments.

“Many organisations dramatically increased their cloud deployments at the beginning of Covid to support remote work and digital transformation,” said Amir Khan, CEO and founder of Alkira. “Because the shift was so sudden, many organisations’ initial focus was on just making things work; the deployments were far from optimised. Alkira Cloud Insights allows businesses to do what equates to a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ for their environments. The tool helps to streamline cloud deployments, improve security posture and eliminate costly waste.”

Alkira Cloud Insights helps cloud architects and networking admins regain control of their cloud infrastructure.

The tool provides tailored recommendations on how to improve security, optimise spend, and boost cloud networking performance in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure environments.

It can help uncover duplicate IP addresses, unsanctioned internet access, unused networks and security resources, misconfigured security group settings, and unaccounted for shadow IT resources, among other things.

Cloud Insights performs a rapid discovery of an organisation’s AWS and Azure cloud networking environments. Companies will get a complete and automated inventory of their networking and security resources.

They’ll also receive actionable data, including  recommendations to improve cloud usage, security and spend. The insights and findings are delivered in an easy to use, centralised dashboard. There is also the ability to configure automated reporting to keep up to date on dynamic changes made to the cloud network environment.

Existing customers get immediate access to Cloud Insights through the Alkira portal. The company is also making it freely available.