AR And VR Reshape Industrial Wearables, Deliver Productivity And Safety 


Librestream, the provider of augmented reality (AR) and remote collaboration tools, RealWear, the world’s leading provider of assisted reality devices for frontline industrial workers, and NOV, the independent equipment and technology provider to the energy industry, are changing the way field service, construction, and other industries inspect, repair, and utilise heavy equipment assets.

Organisations across the world are experiencing significant worker shortages, which contributes to knowledge loss, decreased productivity and lost revenue due to equipment downtime. Heavy equipment operation requires specialised knowledge and skill-sets that take significant time to learn and develop. For these types of organisations with specialised technicians, the worker shortage is a more acute and immediate challenge. Librestream’s AR solutions incorporate a deep knowledge network that records critical data operators use to make real-time decisions and get new workers up to speed quickly, effectively, and safely.

“Today’s heavy equipment is increasingly complex. It is essential that workers have access to the right knowledge and tools at the right time,” said Charlie Neagoy, SVP of Customer Success at Librestream. “Our advanced technology solutions scale knowledge across workforces to make organizations more efficient, resilient, and adaptable by enabling organizations to inspect, diagnose, and repair any piece of equipment from anywhere in the world and through almost any device.”

Librestream longtime partner, RealWear, produces the HMT-1, a ruggedised assisted reality device that navigates the Librestream software with simple voice commands to record and communicate with remote experts.

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“Wearables paired with assisted reality platform solutions are achieving the future of frontline work,” RealWear Chief Product Officer Rama Oruganti said. “Our hands-free devices are compatible with PPE and can be operated in extremely loud, cold, windy, wet, dusty or other harsh environments. When paired with Librestream’s Onsight solution, today’s modern industrial worker can feel empowered to safely and efficiently access the right information, when it’s needed, to complete tasks.”

NOV developed TrackerVision, a custom application that utilises the hands-free devices from RealWear and Librestream’s Onsight collaboration solutions to connect field personnel with remote experts around the world. NOV’s global aftermarket organisation currently supports customers across multiple languages and geographies using interactive schematics and drawings to deliver immediate support.

“When global operations slowed down and travel restrictions were rising, we already had the infrastructure in place to support our customers’ operations,” said Katie Saski, NOV’s Director of Sales. “We are able to offer 24/7 global service and support to our customers without increasing downtime due to travel or even quarantine time. Offering remote Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) has saved our customers anywhere from 4 to 8 days of travel, plus expenses. From real-time inspections of marine resources in port to troubleshooting a piece of equipment on an offshore exploration rig in the remote waters off Australia, TrackerVision has ensured that NOV’s customers are able to maintain uptime and operations continue as intended. For NOV’s global customers, the value of TrackerVision goes beyond the direct expenses of technician travel and time.”