Area 1 Security, SolCyber Team Up To Deliver Cloud Email Security To The Midmarket


Area 1 Security has been selected as the primary cloud email security provider for all customers of SolCyber, the first modern MSSP for the midmarket. Area 1’s industry-first preemptive cloud email security stops phishing campaigns 24 days (on average) before they launch — keeping inboxes clean of threats that cause 95 per cent of cybersecurity incidents.

The SolCyber and Area 1 partnership brings best-in-class email protection to midsize organisations, which are increasingly targeted by phishing attacks. According to a recent survey by RSM US LLP in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce, 45 per cent of mid-market executives said that social engineering attacks were successful last year — despite 90 per cent of their organisations providing security awareness training. Additionally, 33 per cent of mid-market executives disclosed that they experienced a ransomware attack or demand in 2020.

The implications for mid-market organisations, which typically have fewer in-house resources and speciality expertise compared to larger organisations, are significant and costly. In fact, of the mid-market businesses that have experienced a cyberattack, 63 per cent are unable to resume normal business operations for over a month.

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In one 12-month period, Area 1 Security prevented more than half a billion dollars in direct losses for its customers, including some of the world’s largest healthcare, financial services, retail and consumer goods brands. Its cloud-scale solution is one of the core components in SolCyber’s Foundational offering, a simple-to-implement curated technology stack, which also includes an endpoint with EDR capabilities, lateral movement detection, and active directory and admin exploitation prevention.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Area 1 Security. They have an amazing web crawling infrastructure that gives early warning protection that really matters to our customers. It’s not often you can find a preemptive security technology that really works, and provides immediate value,” said SolCyber CEO Scott McCrady. “Our customers want to stop ransomware and other cyber threats to their businesses. Period. But they typically don’t have the time or resources to build a mature security posture on their own. Area 1 fits seamlessly into our Foundational Coverage, it deploys in minutes and is highly scalable, accelerating our customers’ time to realize the true value.”

“We are thrilled to partner with a modern MSSP with an extremely user-friendly model. Like Area 1, SolCyber is committed to making it easy for organisations of all sizes to deploy best-in-class cloud-based security,” said Steve Pataky, chief revenue officer of Area 1 Security. “We look forward to getting all of SolCyber’s customers to INBOX.CLEAN — an inbox free of ever-evolving threats that defraud companies of data, dollars and brand confidence.”

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