Cybrary, Check Point Partner To Make Cybersecurity Training Accessible To All


Cybrary, an online cybersecurity professional development platform, announced a new partnership with Check Point Software Technologies to provide cybersecurity professionals with the training and resources they need to develop their skill-sets within an ever-evolving business and threat landscape. This partnership comes as part of the Check Point Education initiative to make cybersecurity training accessible to all.

“Collaborating with Check Point Software for this initiative is not only an extremely exciting achievement for our team, but more importantly, it’s positively impacting the entire cybersecurity community,” said Kevin Hanes, CEO of Cybrary. “This partnership will ultimately allow us to help harden the security postures of all of Check Point Software’s customers by assessing and addressing their cyber skill gaps and needs.”

Through the new partnership, Check Point customers will be able to redeem their learning credits to access Cybrary’s cybersecurity professional development platform, including work role-based learning paths, certification preparation materials, CEU tracking, and more.

“We are beyond excited to collaborate with Cybrary because their mission closely aligns with ours,” said Shay Solomon, Director of Business Development and Cyber Security Knowledge at Check Point Software Technologies. “With over 3 million users worldwide, Cybrary for Teams helps security leaders identify the cybersecurity skill gaps that put their organisation at risk. Then, they combine expert-led courses on the most in-demand cybersecurity skills and certifications, with hands-on learning experiences to develop high-performance teams prepared to meet modern security challenges.”

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Through Cybrary’s platform, cybersecurity professionals of all levels will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain hands-on experiences to develop tangible skills that can be immediately applied to their day-to-day responsibilities;
  • Tailor guided career paths and role-based learning to provide a clear direction in reaching individual or team goals; and
  • Access industry certification courses complete with practice tests to upskill and enhance professional development.

The partnership with Check Point Education is part of Cybrary’s ongoing commitment to the industry to provide access to timely and necessary resources for cybersecurity professional development and to bridge the persistent skills gap. Cybrary’s services will be redeemable with Cyber Security Learning Credits (CLCs), which are used by Check Point Software customers in the company’s Training & Certification catalogue to invest in their training and cyber skills development.

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