AtData Unveils Reduction in Email Validation Unknown Rates Utilising ML Models Within its Flagship SafeToSend Service

AtData implements new machine learning algorithms – now available within its email verification and hygiene service, SafeToSend.

AtData, the leading provider of Email Address Intelligence solutions to help companies optimise their first-party data, is thrilled to announce its latest advancement in email data analysis. By harnessing the power of machine learning models built on AtData’s extensive email activity data, AtData has significantly enhanced its industry-leading email verification and hygiene capabilities by reducing its unknown rate or the percentage of emails it could not assign a valid or invalid status. By giving AtData’s customers the confidence that more of their messages are SafeToSend, they can forge stronger connections with their hard-earned customer base.

At the heart of this innovation lies cutting-edge technology that leverages the vast potential of machine learning models. By analysing approximately 2 billion monthly email activity signals across its proprietary network, AtData’s data science team developed a comprehensive ML model to outperform the competition’s ability to validate previously indeterminate email addresses. Notably, no other verification solution is known to possess similar capabilities.

This advancement reflects AtData’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. By employing machine learning, AtData further surpasses traditional methods, enabling the determination of the validity or invalidity of email addresses with unprecedented accuracy. While improving the identification of both consumer and professional email addresses, the biggest beneficiaries of this advancement are B2B marketers, who are likely to have a larger percentage of emails with unknown statuses within their database. They can now optimise campaigns with increased reach, improving ROI by leveraging the comprehensive activity data analysed through AtData’s email verification and hygiene service, SafeToSend.

In fact, AtData’s advanced model has already demonstrated exceptional results, with companies seeing an average reduction in unknown rates of 6% and as much as 29%. This equates to tens of thousands of additional verified emails, increasing the addressable audience, reducing risks associated with the unknown, and underscoring the effectiveness in comparison to alternatives in the market.

“Businesses don’t necessarily realise, but email validation requires continuous innovation. We’ve been focused on email address data for well over twenty years, and we still work hard to improve our already leading solutions,” said AtData’s CEO, Tom Burke. “It’s because we understand that data is the lifeblood of a business. And our goal is to ensure our clients have the best, usable data to extract meaningful insights.”

The implementation of machine learning has been seamlessly integrated into AtData’s existing SafeToSend service, ensuring improved results for both current and new clients. Existing customers are automatically benefiting from this advancement at no additional cost, further solidifying AtData’s commitment to delivering unmatched value and service.