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Atomic Robot and Announce Partnership, Enabling Smart Product Brands to Seamlessly Deploy Mobile Solutions and User Engagement

Companies’ Portfolio Brands and Prospects Can Now Access Strategic Tools to Captivate Users from App Initiation to Post-Purchase Engagement.

Atomic Robot and announced a partnership to provide consumer electronics brands with a competitive advantage in user experience and engagement. This partnership provides a full-circle solution for brands entering the fiercely competitive smart consumer electronics market while enabling them to plan their entire user journey, from UX/UI development to post-purchase mobile app/email engagement.

At the development end, Atomic Robot’s award-winning boutique will help brands develop crafted mobile solutions for iOS, Android and emerging technologies. Amongst Atomic Robot’s client portfolio are leading brands such as Kroger, Oral B and more.

Once brands are ready to launch their products, enables them to generate automated in-app and email-based communications designed to help them build lasting relationships with their end-users. Effective campaigns can help new users overcome to set up challenges in real-time, increase a product’s positive online reviews, or create upsell and cross-sell opportunities that enhance the customer’s experience and derive higher lifetime value (CLV).

“We are excited about the partnership with Atomic Robot. Together we can help brands plan for the ‘after sale’ days which are a major challenge for many companies entering the smart product market.’ said Tsiki Naftaly, Founder and CRO at “Many companies are still focused on their customers’ transactional experience, disregarding the full post-purchase potential of each user. helps transition customers into connected users who are there to benefit the brand and vice versa continuously. Partnering with Atomic Robot, we are now able to help smart brands deliver smarter and better user experiences.”

“The craft of mobile applications in the IoT space is our expertise. While there are a lot of tools out there for user engagement, none truly fit IoT products,” said Sam Sontag, Director of Client Solutions at Atomic Robot. “ has addressed the need to understand user interaction with physical products and a digital app, and improve user engagement specifically for that.”

Atomic Robot is an agency that creates custom-crafted mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and emerging technologies. They have partnered with multiple companies and brands to deliver high-quality digital experiences for connected products. With a focus on craftsmanship, personalised experiences and innovation, they can create meaningful mobile solutions that move both business and people forward.

Headquartered in NY, provides a SaaS user engagement platform for smart consumer electronics brands. Transforming transactional customers into connected users, the company enables brands to proactively engage users to overcome, in real-time, set up challenges, increase sales, grow online reviews and continuously engage users during the post-purchase phase and encourage brand loyalty.