Attom Unveils Innovative Cloud-Based Platform Offering Direct Access To Its Data


Attom, a curator of premier property databases, announced the launch of Attom Cloud, a new cloud-based platform that provides immediate access to high-quality curated property data.

Attom Cloud allows customers to focus more time on extracting value from property data and less on complex data management processes and infrastructure. Getting started with Attom Cloud takes just minutes. Once implemented, Attom Cloud takes care of all data updates, so customers can stay focused on their product or analytic projects. Built-in flexibility provides for quick iteration and customer feedback, helping customers to drive additional revenue and lower costs.

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“Unlocking the power of data requires accessing it quickly and managing it well, which is becoming increasingly difficult,” said chief technology officer Todd Teta with Attom. “In our space, many competitors promise immediate and consistent access to property data, but we’re doing more than that – we’re actually delivering it. We developed Attom Cloud to give our customers immediate access to data, streamed directly from our data warehouse in a platform that can grow with their needs.”