ListenFirst Launches Machine Learning Analytics With Instant Insights

ListenFirst-Launches-Machine-Learning-Analytics-with-Instant-Insights (1)

The intelligence application delivers insights in natural language, empowering executives and marketers with premium analyst-style reports

ListenFirst, the premier enterprise social analytics solution, announced the launch of Instant Insights, a new analytics feature that quickly shows how brands perform across social media. Leveraging years of intelligence gathered from working with the largest brands in the world, Instant Insights utilises machine learning to deliver the analysis needed to benchmark performance and uncover valuable takeaways in natural language.  

The agile application allows marketers to configure multiple brands and content filters on the fly to analyse social content from any cohort on demand. Instant Insights provides key analysis of top content, earned sentiment, industry benchmarks and more, in one convenient view.

“While the ListenFirst platform already provides world-class analytics & reporting to the largest brands in the world, the addition of Instant Insights enables users to really take advantage of our depth of data,” explained Jason Klein Co-CEO & Co-Founder of ListenFirst. “It’s a universal intelligence tool configurable for any content analysis use case. At the end of the day, that means marketers have the power to quickly generate the meaningful reports they need without relying on expert analysts, and executives have frictionless access to the insights they need to optimize ROI or understand the competitive landscape.”

This innovative approach frees users from having to figure out the story behind raw data, automatically generating insights on their screen that would have previously required the manual efforts of a trained analyst.

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Leveraging natural language processing, Instant Insights identifies the key takeaways and highest performers instantly. Users then have easy-to-understand reports to share with colleagues and customers.

“Our customers burn time trying to decipher what the data means or following up with additional search queries. That results in less time spent on actual strategy,” explains Jonathan Farb, Chief Product Officer at ListenFirst. “Instant Insights gives customers that valuable time back. And what’s more, our users are in the driver’s seat when the insights are uncovered and the optimisation opportunities are revealed.  For product people that’s the north star, building something that empowers users to grow and be the best at what they do,” added Farb.