Augmedix Partners With Google Cloud To Rehumanise Patient-Clinician Interaction


Augmedix, a provider of virtual medical documentation and live clinical support, announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud to optimise and integrate automated speech recognition (ASR) technology for use in real-world clinical settings.

ASR technology is a critical component in the Augmedix technology stack, and Augmedix is now integrating Google Cloud Speech-to-Text into its Notebuilder technology platform, which provides natural language processing (NLP) to produce a final clinical note.

The combined ASR and NLP technology enhances the efficiency and quality of Augmedix’s medical documentation from ambient conversation while meeting the enterprise-grade security expectations of major health systems, including end-to-end encryption and robust user consent policies.

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Augmedix is harnessing ASR broadly across its user base, for both conversational (ambient) and single-party (dictation) contexts, to materially improve efficiency and quality scores for Augmedix and its clinician users.

“This is a significant leap forward for Augmedix’s technology evolution. With Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, we believe we can improve the accuracy of our NLP models, improve our unit economics, and accelerate our ability to scale to new clinicians,” said Ian Shakil, Founder of Augmedix. “Crucially, Google Cloud’s models perform well in real-time, which is necessary for us, because unlike other solutions in the market, our clinician customers frequently expect note delivery to occur in real-time.” 

“As we pull through the last innings of the pandemic, we believe front-line healthcare workers need a burnout-alleviating solution like Augmedix, now more than ever. We are excited to partner with Augmedix so that clinicians can receive immediate burnout relief and enhanced productivity,” said Dr. Esteban López, Google Cloud.