Bahrain Turns Street Lights Into 5G Nodes

Street lights in Bahrain are now 5G nodes as Zain Bahrain and LSS Technologies have integrated 5G into the standard city feature to boost 5G deployment at Bahrain Bay. The new solution aims to boost both 4G and 5G coverage and provide reliable connectivity.

“We are thrilled to be the first telecom operator in the kingdom to complete the innovative 5G street solution in Bahrain Bay’s luxurious development. With this innovative street solution, we will now be able to deploy more advanced 5G sites across the kingdom, allowing us to offer better and faster coverage to our customers who demand high bandwidth and always-on connectivity,” said Duncan Howard, CEO, Zain Bahrain. 

LSS Technologies General Manager Sandeep Ahluwalia said: “We are pleased to partner with Zain Bahrain to deploy 5G services across the kingdom, leveraging the innovative 5G street solution. Through our partnership with Zain, we worked together to design these new compact enclosures, 5G sites in the smallest form factor.” 

Zain Bahrain will also help deliver Bahrain Bay residents and visitors reliable connectivity and enjoy the best experiences and opportunities 5G offers. Zain has completed a solution that suits high-end development and expands the network coverage while seamlessly integrating with our existing streetscapes. The deployment highlights Zain’s latest innovation, and the 5G, will help transform Bahrain Bay into a smart city.