Cantaloupe Partners With HIVERY


Technology Offering Will Enhance Machine Merchandising Decisions for use with Seed Pro and Office, Helping Operators Drive Improved Vending Machine Performance.

Cantaloupe, a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market, announced its partnership with HIVERY. This data-science company specialises in AI technology to streamline category management for retailers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Enhance, a user-friendly AI and ML technology-based solution will be available to Cantaloupe Seed customers through its integration with the Seed platform, specifically Seed Pro and Seed Office, making it an even more intelligent tool for customers.

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“Cantaloupe strives to provide our retailers the right tools to determine the ideal product mix for their consumers; so, it’s critical to have the most accurate data insights to increase sales,” said Sean Feeney, chief executive officer, Cantaloupe. “Our partnership with HIVERY provides our customers with enhanced intelligent solutions are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning to react to the way consumers shop and drive increased sales.”

“HIVERY Enhance delivers powerful new product recommendations and targeted space-to-sales optimisation using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to boost top-line revenue and improve operations efficiency,” states Jason Hosking, CEO of HIVERY. “Cantaloupe’s mission is about delivering the best operational and payments platform for unattended retail. Data is so critical to this mission. At HIVERY, our philosophy has always been that ‘Data has a better idea and we intend to unlock its genius to help Cantaloupe and its 20,000 plus customers grow and deliver that mission.”

This new integration will offer operators using Seed the following benefits:

  • Seamless data sharing between Seed and HIVERY Enhance. For existing Seed customers, this offers an easy way to get these capabilities through Cantaloupe without integrating third-party tools.
  • Automatic and enhanced machine merchandising decisions from connecting AI/ML to operations sales data
  • Increased revenue from prescribing a more desirable product selection based on your consumer behaviour
  • Smarter coil allocations derived from predictive analytics on sales data
  • A reduction in restocking trips
  • Dynamic tools to merchandise machines at scale, across large operations