Cognistx Partners With SAE International On AI And Machine-Learning Tool 

Cognistx-Partners-with-SAE-International-on-AI-and-Machine-Learning-Tool-to-Enhance-Access-to-Global-Digital-Engineering-Standards (1)

Cognistx Inc, a leading tech firm designing AI solutions for businesses, announced that it would join SAE International in expanding the SAE OnQue Digital Standards System. This groundbreaking system digitally delivers SAE’s expansive library of engineering standards to help aerospace engineers simplify the product-development process — maintaining data integrity, reducing process complexity and digitally connecting standards to the products and processes on which they are based.

Phase II of the OnQue Digital Standards System increases the number of available documents in the digital library by 66 percent since January. Using natural language processing and text intelligence (two subsets of artificial intelligence), Cognistx will help parse, index and store thousands of documents for SAE’s global community of engineers to search and apply to their workstreams.

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By developing the OnQue Digital Standards System, SAE improves the quality of information available, simplifies and fast-tracks the development process, and connects standards to the products they’re founded on, said Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra.

“The OnQue Digital Standards System enables decisions to be made faster. AI reduces the grunt work of searching through mountains of data so aerospace companies can work more efficiently and quickly,” Chopra said. “Not only will users find what they need within minutes if not seconds, the system’s accuracy ensures they don’t miss standards they didn’t know existed.”

Cognistx collaborated with SAE to launch the OnQue Digital Standards System in January. The Pittsburgh-based AI company processed 3,000 SAE-approved documents, including standards and specifications for aerospace parts and materials. That partnership established the first-of-its-kind platform where engineers across sectors could access digital information and tools to apply to their work.

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“Our collaboration with Cognistx allows us to use the power of artificial intelligence to better integrate standards into engineering workflows for product development, product performance and quality management,” said Frank Menchaca, chief growth officer for SAE International. “By ensuring information accuracy, aerospace engineers can transform the industry through innovative products more safely, quickly and efficiently.”