Commvault Adds New Ransomware Protection And Response Services 

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Commvault, an enterprise leader in Intelligent Data Services across on-premises, cloud and SaaS environments, announced new ransomware services designed to help businesses prepare for, protect against, and respond to today’s growing cyber threats.

Ransomware attacks continue to rise, and they are expensive — on average, it costs 10 times the cost of the ransom payment to restore the data. 70 per cent of ransomware attacks include a threat to leak exfiltrated data, and firms who have been attacked experience about 21 days of downtime afterwards. The hard costs of ransomware are astronomical; most companies are not prepared to respond to an attack and even less are planning ahead of time.

Commvault is a trusted partner to its global customers in data protection and recovery, for all types of risk vectors. Ransomware is the latest persistent threat facing our customers and the new ransomware protection and recovery services are based on Commvault’s expertise and knowledge of data management design, planning, and recovery.

The new offering, Commvault Ransomware Protection and Response Services provide the resources and expertise needed to harden customers’ Commvault solutions from an attack, review the state of their data protection solution over time, and help them recover critical data when an attack does occur.

The Ransomware Protection Design and Plan service assists customers in invalidating their preparedness for ongoing threats and attacks. The offering will help organisations understand potential threats and risks impacting their ability to be ready. It offers tangible outcomes such as a readiness scorecard, key findings, and recommendations and a prioritised action plan.

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The Commvault Ransomware Response Service provides the expertise and resources to help recover from an attack. As part of the service, Commvault provides a Ransomware Recovery Incident Manager backed by the Commvault Recovery Operations team. The service works with customers to identify and recover critical data and expedite a return to normal business operations.

These services complement Commvault Ransomware Protect and Recover solutions that deliver the critical capabilities for ransomware data protection. Utilising this new service offering along with Commvault software and cloud offerings allows an enterprise to detect, protect and recover from ransomware attacks and other data breaches as a core component of the Commvault Intelligent Data Services. Commvault Data Management and Protection products and Compliance and Governance solutions work hand in hand with this data security solution.

“Ransomware is growing exponentially as both a worldwide problem and an addressable threat,” said Ram Menashe, Vice President of Global Services at Commvault. “While we cannot guarantee our customers won’t be the target of an attack, we believe that by offering strategic protection plans, we can support customers at any stage of a ransomware attack — and do our best to help prevent it altogether with Commvault Protection Review. These services represent our commitment to keeping our customers’ data safe and recoverable while continuing to provide innovative, industry-leading products.”