ConcertAI Announces Integration of TeraRecon


ConcertAI, a leader in enterprise AI and RWD solutions for life science companies and healthcare providers, announced the integration of TeraRecon as a ConcertAI company.

The combination is unprecedented in bringing electronic medical records, genomic data, and medical image data into one integrated network and set of AI-enabled workflows that enable leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) clinical research and clinical decision support applications.

The integration creates the industry’s first unified AI SaaS company to advance artificial intelligence, machine learning, and profound learning innovations from life science innovators to full deployment within healthcare provider workflows.

“Serving 1,300 clinical sites globally, TeraRecon is a Best in KLAS solution provider for radiology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and vascular surgery,” said ConcertAI CEO Jeff Elton PhD. “TeraRecon solutions are independent of any one manufacturer’s imaging equipment or PACS system, allowing a single, unified, and simplified clinical workflow that can improve efficiencies and deliver actionable physician insights. In the future, the combination with ConcertAI could bring a single, advanced AI-augmented diagnosis and interpretation capability from biomedical innovation through care coordination.”

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Much of this will be done through the software-as-a-medical device, where the use of retrospective images and EMR data are required for model development and validation. “The common EurekaAI model development and deployment solution layer will support the work of the innovator and the healthcare provider,” said Dan McSweeney, president of TeraRecon. “The combination with ConcertAI will allow us to accelerate these innovations to providers over time as standard-of-care as new treatments evolve.”

ConcertAI will integrate TeraRecon’s technologies into its Digital Clinical Trials Network, again an industry first for any digital clinical development solution, building on the scale of TeraRecon’s 1,300 customer sites. “With the FDA’s recent guidance on RWD for regulatory decision-making, ConcertAI is the only oncology, haematology, and urology-focused company capable of integrating primary data sources for the critical assessment of patient response and safety,” said Dr Elton. “It is anticipated that 100 per cent of regulatory submissions in oncology will integrate real-world evidence.”

The first studies are underway using ConcertAI’s network, images acquired and analysed through TeraRecon technologies, and integrated electronic medical data.