CyberQ Technologies To Bring Self-learning AI Into Cybersecurity Ops

The company is focused on AI to help navigate IT, DevSecOps, and SecOps.

CyberQ Technologies has raised $5 million in seed funding to expand its expert team of outcome-based solution providers. The new funding will help grow the team and expand recruiting, customer acquisition, and customer enabling automated solutions. Turing Technology Group (TTG) led the seed round.

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“Next wave of enterprise transformation will be led by self-learning and self-sustaining digital assets combined with physical and human assets to manage customer engagements and business operations. CyberQ is leading a charge to bring self-learning models of AI into the complex security operations ecosystem through a transformative approach of consulting and algorithmic execution,” said Surjeet Singh, General Partner, TTG.

CyberQ is focused to deliver solution-based outcomes to help customers run their business more efficiently, and with less time wasted on false-positive alert fatigue. SecurityFirst is the CyberQ mindset that is followed up by its keen focus to help customers adopt this key principle across Operations, DevOps, SOC, and ITOps.

The funding will be used to hire more experts, as well as expand its mentorship program to help aspiring CyberSecurity warriors to join the team from both career-changing talents to recent graduates that have a desire to learn and grow into the field.