DataRobot AI Cloud Launches On Google Cloud Marketplace

Customers now can leverage DataRobot AI Cloud with Google Cloud’s vast library of services, including BigQuery, Looker, Vertex AI and others

DataRobot announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling more customers to accelerate and scale their impact with AI. DataRobot customers will now take advantage of Google Cloud Marketplace, along with Google Cloud services, to streamline the procurement and deployment process, build AI-based models, and generate even more intelligent business solutions on Google Cloud.

With this new Marketplace offering, industry-leading organisations such as American Family Mutual Insurance, Randstad North America and Rentokil Initial now can run DataRobot in the same environment as their applications and data in Google Cloud. Customers now can seamlessly leverage DataRobot AI Cloud with Google Cloud’s vast library of unique services, including BigQuery, Looker, Vertex AI and others, to build and train models, deploy them in production across cloud and on-premises, and manage them from a single pane of glass. This move meets a growing market demand as companies want to make the most of their data no matter where it resides. 

“In order to thrive in today’s market, customers must have the ability to deliver AI where their data resides. By expanding our strategic partnership with Google Cloud and joining Google Cloud Marketplace, we’re meeting our customers where they are; enabling them to accelerate and scale as industry innovators with a seamless experience across cloud platforms,” said Debanjan Saha, President and COO, DataRobot.

With DataRobot AI Cloud on Google Cloud Marketplace, DataRobot customers will now experience the following benefits:

  • Accelerated time to value: DataRobot customers can purchase and begin using DataRobot AI Cloud quickly and easily through the Google Cloud Marketplace with their committed Google Cloud Marketplace spend.
  • Complementary with Google Cloud services: DataRobot can interact seamlessly with data on Google Cloud, integrate with services like BigQuery and explore data with Looker to gain even more value from their data.
  • Ultimate flexibility: In addition to the Google Cloud Platform, DataRobot AI Cloud gives customers the flexibility of multi-cloud data sources and integrating of third-party legacy models.

DataRobot AI Cloud is powered by a global ecosystem of strategic, technology, solution, consulting, and integrator partners. The unified platform brings together disparate data and is suited for nearly all users, from expert data scientists to IT operators to business analysts, driving over a million active projects and 1.4 trillion predictions for customers across industries. Built as a multi-cloud platform, DataRobot AI Cloud can be deployed in a combination of public clouds, data centres, or at the edge.