Dell Plans Heavy Investments In Telco And Edge


Dell Technologies has listed telco and edge computing as lucrative opportunities for its channel partners.

Kyle Dufresne, Dell’s senior vice-president of OEM and edge, said the company spends more than $4.5 billion on research and development (R&D) each year, and as part of that, Dell sees 5G as “a true enabler in the marketplace”.

“If you look at the company’s investments, they are making two big bets. We’ve made it in telco, and we’ve made it in edge,” said Denise Millard, Senior Vice-President Of Global Alliances, adding that Dell wants to “capitalise on this shift to 5G”.

Dell is also pressing home to partners a reported $1.3 trillion market opportunity around edge computing. Millard referenced a recent IDC study that estimated that by 2024, more than 90 per cent of operational processes would be deployed at the edge. Today the figure is 20 per cent. The company also announced that it has added Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services, a new managed service, to its infrastructure-as-a-service Apex (IaaS) portfolio.

Cheryl Cook, Dell’s senior vice-president of global partner marketing, reiterated that it was working to provide partners with more flexibility and simplicity. In February, the company announced that it would combine its channel partner ecosystem with OEM and cloud to make life easier for partners that operate across different segments.

Dell’s channel business is now worth $59 billion, which the company said was a testament to its partnerships.