Demand Science Shuns B2B Data Hoarding; Unveils New AI, Predictive, Cloud Composite Platform For Marketers

Demand Science shuns B2B data hoarding; unveils new AI, predictive, cloud composite platform for marketers

The Demand Science Business Intelligence Platform Generates Actionable Insights from a Multi-Layered Data Approach to Healthy and Predictive Data

Demand Science, providing a global buyer intelligence platform with an integrated B2B solution suite that drives growth for hundreds of the world’s largest software, technology and B2B services companies, announced its launch of a proprietary Cloud Composite Business Intelligence Platform that unifies and augments B2B data and applies dynamic data, deep learning, and AI models for increased accuracy.

‘Our focus is to be the #1 provider for healthy B2B data. We use AI to harvest, enrich and keep our data fresh, including near real-time health checks to update imperfect data’, explained Shakeel Itoola, Chief Data Officer of Demand Science. ‘Our ability to leverage Infonomics for “guided next action” is a disruptive game-changer in the business intelligence marketplace.’

Demand Science’s Business Intelligence Platform uses data from over 131 million records and multiple intent sources to inform Predictive B2B Models that enhances the business value in data sets for its clients. The platform uses Decisional Intelligence as part of its unique data fabric, combining historical, real-time and enriched data to predict business outcomes by the vertical, local market and geographic region.

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‘We are uniquely able to solve the ongoing challenge that sales and marketing professionals face in accessing accurate first and third-party enterprise data and transforming that data into actionable decisions that translate into revenue’, said Demand Science CEO Peter Cannone. ‘We are not in the data hoarding business; we are in the business of delivering the highest quality B2B data to our customers.’  

Other elements of the unique data fabric of the Demand Science Business Intelligence Platform include B2B Natural Language Processing, AI-Automated Segmentation, Behavior- and Intent-Informed Data Scoring, and Continuous AI algorithms for ongoing performance measurement to autonomously enhance Data Quality.

‘As a data-centric, buyer intelligence platform, our approach to turning data into information to deliver meaningful value to our clients across a suite of B2B products, solutions and services drive both our organic and inorganic growth strategy’, added Bill Harrigan, SVP of Corporate Development & Strategy. ‘We are excited about the strategic implications that our Business Intelligence Platform will facilitate for both our clients globally and Demand Science as a whole over the coming months.’