Domino Data Lab Announces Latest MLops Platform


 A single control point lets companies unlock more experimentation

Domino Data Lab announced their enterprise MLops latest platform, Domino 5.2. The release, which will be generally available to customers in June, includes 12 new capabilities to allow data science and IT teams to develop and deploy more models at a faster pace; reduce data and infrastructure complexity and costs, and extend autonomous model performance monitoring to Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Domino’s vision is a platform that makes it easy for data scientists to build and produce work, with flexibility and choice, while IT has the control and security and governance they need.

The new platform’s hybrid architecture addresses many challenges. A single control point lets companies unlock more experimentation while making it easier for data scientists to build and produce work and helping IT control costs, security and governance. This is a major change for data infrastructure that aids data science workloads across different compute infrastructures.

“Playtime is over for data science. If companies can’t turn data science into business impact and describe that impact – if work is still relegated to an AI innovation lab – they are already behind, whether they realise it or not. Data scientists need to work hand in glove with business and IT, partnering with IT is especially important,” said Nick Elprin, CEO, Domino Data Lab.

Elprin added further saying Companies need to hire data scientists and empower these experts, make it easy to find pathways to production; and provide cross-functional collaboration.