e& Chooses Accenture as Strategic Partner

e& Chooses Accenture as Strategic Partner

This initiative by Etisalat group is to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders, including ecosystem partners.

Accenture has been chosen as the strategic partner for e&’s responsible sourcing initiative. This ambitious endeavour seeks to integrate sustainability into the core of e&’s procurement function, aligning seamlessly with the company’s net-zero targets and broader sustainability commitments.

Accenture’s role in advancing e&’s responsible sourcing strategy involves crafting a comprehensive three-year roadmap and a robust supplier engagement framework. This framework is specifically designed to instil sustainability principles across e&’s extensive supply chain. The collaboration is to expedite e &’s efforts to reduce emissions across all scopes, aligning closely with the United Arab Emirates’ sustainability goals.

Saeed Al Zarooni, Group Chief Procurement Officer at e&, said, “This partnership with Accenture marks a significant milestone in our commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability. It will play a crucial role in reshaping our procurement function and driving positive change throughout our supply chain.”

The partnership extends beyond a strategic roadmap, with Accenture actively working alongside e& to define the value proposition for investing in responsible sourcing. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to mould e &’s future technology architecture, ensuring that sustainability is not merely an addition but is embedded at its core.

“This initiative is set to redefine industry standards and inspire others to join us on this transformational journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for the telecom and technology industries in the Middle East,” added Al Zarooni.

The initiative is to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders, including ecosystem partners. Key objectives include upskilling talent to meet sustainability demands, fostering innovation, strengthening supplier collaboration with a growth-centric approach, advocating circular economy principles, and demonstrating dedication to preserving natural and biological diversity.

Angelo Lorusso, Managing Director and Accenture’s Client Account Lead for e& said, “The long-term value that e& aims for across its stakeholders will serve as a model to others seeking to generate value and impact. The digital foundation we will create together will streamline processes, improve business decisions, and embed sustainability across e &’s value chain and all emission boundaries.”

This collaboration stands as a testament to the growing importance of responsible sourcing and sustainability in the corporate landscape, showcasing a commitment to positive change and setting new industry benchmarks.