Eagle Alpha Announces Three Key Drivers To Industry Excellence


Eagle Alpha, the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data, is excited to announce a series of platform and personnel updates in conjunction with this week’s ESG Data Hackathon and May Interact Conference.

There are three key drivers to Eagle Alpha in 2021. First, direct delivery of trial datasets to data buyers. Second, enhancing our data platform with new technology features. Third, working with partners to enhance the adoption and integration of alternative data sources by data buyers.

Year to date, we have seen an increase in our buyer client base engaging with our dataset trialling solution. This allows data buyers to collapse the time allocation to trialling by utilising FISD standardised trial agreements and direct trial data delivery from Eagle Alpha.

Niall Hurley, CEO of Eagle Alpha said, “Our upcoming buyer survey shows that experienced firms are at 25 per cent conversion rates from trial to purchase. Our solutions help deliver these higher conversion rates. We also wish to support faster conversion. Direct trial data delivery makes a meaningful impact and all customers that have utilised the service have shown repeat usage.”

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Eagle Alpha’s platform continues to evolve with a number of user features being released in the coming weeks. For its data buyer clients, it will have an improved version of its API to access profile and compliance data on hundreds of data vendors. For its data vendor clients, it will have new log-in features to help with buyer discovery and utilities to offer analytics into the vendor’s dataset.

Emmett Kilduff, Executive Chairman of Eagle Alpha said, “The client base of Eagle Alpha is evolving. We now see the compliance team and the data engineering team as client groups within data buying firms. The Data Strategy component of our Enterprise solution is adding a significant amount of value to compliance and executive teams. On the vendor side of the marketplace, we increasingly wish to service the data specialists and product developers with insights into their data products. This is an important evolution for Eagle Alpha.”

Data analytics firms, alpha testers and consultants require more alternative data sources to enhance their offerings. 

Niall Hurley, CEO, said, “Importantly, none of these developments is possible without the broader team at Eagle Alpha. Today, we announce three promotions. Thomas Combes, formerly Head of Data Science and Engineering will now assume the role of Chief Technology Officer. Brendan Furlong and Darren Laheen have been promoted to Head of Data Sourcing Advisory and Head of Customer Strategy respectively. Brendan brings extensive experience in data analytics and will add to our advisory efforts. Darren will ensure Eagle Alpha solutions and our partnerships deliver value to all end-client groups including funds, private equity and corporates. In addition, we will have new members joining Eagle Alpha within our Business Development and Engineering teams in June 2021.”