Etihad Airways Launches Data-as-a-product Ecosystem

National carrier modernises its Enterprise Data Platform and governance powered by the Microsoft Cloud

Etihad Airways announced the launch of a new, modern analytics & intelligence platform allowing the global carrier to implement a data-as-a-product ecosystem.

Etihad’s Enterprise Data Platform team worked closely with Microsoft on the UAE national carrier’s digital transformation, which heavily leveraged Azure’s innovative intelligent data platform. 

“By leveraging Microsoft’s suite of services, we will be able to democratise our data consumption by creating data products for all of our business units that serve their specific needs,” said Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer at Etihad. “A large part of our efforts focused on the formulation of a robust data governance framework which will give us a solid foundation to push a data-driven culture that fuels innovation at every touch point.”

Etihad Airways worked towards modernising its Enterprise Data Platform with a view to serving current and future needs while reducing costs and increasing agility. This resulted in implementing data-as-a-product, shifting from its legacy data-as-an-asset approach.

Enabled through Microsoft’s UAE-based cloud regions, Etihad’s modernisation project leverages Azure’s cloud-native data services, such as Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Event Hub, Azure Cosmos DB and Microsoft Purview. 

“Our new setup delivers a holistic analytics, intelligence and automation continuum, from ingestion and storage to consumption and governance,” said Karthic Sundararaj VP Technology & Architecture, Etihad Airways. “Our data team can now build data products for each business unit and share a single version of the truth across the organisation. We expect our new Azure-based platform to impact several KPIs, from the top to the bottom line, delivering innovation, cost reductions and increased agility.”

Rohan Kumar, Azure Data CVP, Microsoft, added: “It is great to work with organisations with strong digital visions and are looking to transform their business operations and reinvent how their customers are served in the entire industry. We believe Etihad’s modernisation of its data platform to deliver great customer experience will inspire every organisation with a legacy environment who wants to deliver value across the business through a next-generation, data-as-a-product ecosystem.”